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Hornetsecurity Takes Aim at QR Code Phishing, Debuts Secure Email Link Analyzer

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Hornetsecurity, an email cloud security provider, has launched two new tools, a QR code analyzer and Secure Links, a service that runs all email links through a secure analyzer.

Mailbox Migration Tool Launched, Partner Program Revamped

The Germany-based company has also delivered a mailbox migration tool that enables its customers to securely transfer mailboxes from on-premises to the Microsoft 365 cloud, gaining access to 365 Total Protection in the process.

In addition, Hornetsecurity has put the finishing touches on a newly streamlined partner program that includes managed service partners and unifies partner levels and project business. The updates lower barriers to entry as well, Hornetsecurity said.

The vendor's partner ecosystem spans 8,000 value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs).

QR Code Analyzer Explained

The QR code analyzer technology determines whether QR codes link to malicious sites when scanned. Hackers have taken to using fake QR codes to trick users into phishing ruses to obtain confidential data when scanned. The secure link utility runs all email links through a secure analyzer before enabling the recipient to safely open the link with the goal to limit security threats, particularly ransomware.

Both new technologies provide businesses and their employees with extra reassurance that their email communications are safe, Hornetsecurity said.

As Hornetsecurity chief executive Daniel Hofmann explained:

“Phishing attacks and fake QR codes are on the increase, so we are pleased to launch unique technologies that will combat these ever-growing threats. The QR Code Analyzer and Secure Links tools will benefit businesses by fighting cybersecurity attacks in a safe, reliable and cost-effective way."

Cybersecurity Training Offered

Hornetsecurity recently launched a new cyber training program to better equip employees to counter cyberattacks. The company is positioning its Security Awareness Training offering as “simple rather than maintenance-intensive” for customers. The program is centered on needs-based training with each user receiving as much education as is necessary.

Among the training program's key features is Hornet’s patented spear phishing engine that simulates sophisticated attacks to help users gain knowledge about those types of infiltrations.

Progress is measured by an employee security index as a benchmark, which constantly measures and compares an organization’s and employees’ security behavior. The program is available by subscription licensing, as a standalone service, or as an add-on to Hornet’s email security services. Hornet did not disclose pricing for the purchase options.

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