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Hyperspace Challenge Announces 2023 Program to Secure Space Assets

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Hyperspace Challenge has launched its 2023 program in conjunction with the U.S. Space Force Space Rapid Capabilities Office (Space RCO) to encourage researchers and companies to work together to make space assets "more resilient to threats."

MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers and companies from all industries can submit an initial interest form to join Hyperspace's program through August 15, 2023, the company announced in a prepared statement.

How the 2023 Hyperspace Challenge Works

The 2023 program is focused on exploring application of technologies to make space assets both more resilient and responsive to threats, according to Space RCO.

With the program, Space RCO is pursuing products that:

  • Increase space visibility and awareness by utilizing threat and hazard awareness capabilities to ensure that users can quickly and accurately detect and prioritize threats both from the ground and in space
  • Advance space analysis and vehicle autonomy based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or autonomous technologies that minimize ground vehicle operator workloads, help users make intelligent vehicle response decisions and reduce vehicle response time
  • Improve space vehicle lifespan and maneuverability through the use of advanced propulsion, refueling capabilities, and/or other fuel conservation innovations to ensure that space assets can maneuver freely without future negative consequences

Commenting on the program and why companies should join, Matthew Fetrow, Space RCO's communications manager, said:

"Advancements in space are driving a paradigm shift on earth that have the potential to be socially and economically transformative. But the space assets enabling these advancements are increasingly at risk. We need to be able to protect these assets from growing threats, and we need to do it quickly."

Who Should Apply for the 2023 Hyperspace Challenge?

The program is open to companies that:

  • Offer technologies that could streamline the design, development and deployment of solutions that increase space visibility, advance space analysis and vehicle autonomy and improve space vehicle lifespan and maneuverability
  • Operate in the space or aerospace industries with technologies that could be used in sensor computing technologies, propulsion systems and refueling systems.
  • Operate outside of the space and aerospace industries but have technologies that can be applied to other sectors
  • Are interested in learning about government needs and building relationships with potential government partners

Businesses can submit applications to join the program after a series of webinars is launched in August.

In the meantime, MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers and businesses interested in joining the program can submit an interest form through the Hyperspace Challenge website.

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