IBM Security has updated Cloud Pak for Security to help organizations manage cyber threats across tools, teams and cloud environments, according to a prepared statement.

Cloud Pak for Security's new capabilities include:

  • Data Security Hub: Allows security analysts to gain context into the location of sensitive data across hybrid cloud environments, along with who can access this information, how it is used and the best way to protect it.
  • Dedicated Security Services: Provide organizations with access to IBM experts who can deploy and manage Cloud Pak for Security across cloud environments.
  • Threat Intelligence Integrations: Offers threat intelligence feeds from AlienVault OTX and other third-party sources.

Cloud Pak for Security will offer access to six threat intelligence feeds, 25 pre-built connections to IBM and third-party data sources and 165 case management integrations, the company said. In doing so, Cloud Pak for Security will allow organizations to use AI to prioritize cyber threats and automation playbooks to streamline incident response.

A Closer Look at Cloud Pak for Security

Cloud Pak for Security consists of containerized software pre-integrated with the Red Hat OpenShift container platform. It enables organizations to connect their existing security tools to search for threat indicators across hybrid environments and link workflows via a unified interface.

With Cloud Pak for Security, organizations can:

  • Investigate cyber threats and IOC across IBM and third-party sources
  • Leverage threat hunting, identification, prioritization and intelligence tools
  • Utilize security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities to speed up incident response.

In addition, Cloud Pak for Security also uses AI, analytics and automation to streamline the threat management lifecycle, IBM noted. It also provides native capabilities for security information and event management (SIEM), user behavior analytics and data security.