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Infisign Launches Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform

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Infisign is offering an identify access management (IAM) platform that combines passwordless authentication with a zero trust security approach.

The platform eliminates the need for traditional perimeter-based security measures and provides organizations with authentication and access control mechanisms that they can use at every level of their network infrastructure, Infisign said in a prepared statement.

How Infisign's IAM Platform Works

Infisign's platform uses a cryptographic algorithm that encrypts communications between an organization and its users, the company said. The algorithm creates a secure peer-to-peer connection and allows an organization to issue user identities and perform passwordless authentications.

Meanwhile, Infisign's platform integrates SAML and OpenID protocols. As a result, the platform offers secure and efficient authentication in compliance with industry best practices for identity management, the company said.

What Infisign's Platform Offers

Infisign's platform provides organizations with the following IAM capabilities:

  • Decentralized identity
  • Passwordless authentication
  • Federation
  • Privileged access management (PAM)

In addition, Infisign's platform lets organizations provision, deprovision and manage user identities from any lightweight directory access protocol or Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) ecosystem, the company stated.

The platform also offers zero trust templates that organizations can use to share identity information and establish direct connections between parties based on their verification policies, Infisign indicated.

Commenting on his company's IAM platform and how it will impact organizations moving forward, Infisign co-founder Aditya Santhanam said:

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of Infisign. It represents our commitment to resolving one of the most persistent problems in cybersecurity. We are confident that Infisign will make a significant difference in the industry."

A Closer Look at Infisign

Infisign provides passwordless authentications using decentralized identity communications, the company said. The company utilizes a zero trust model designed to ensure that every access request is authenticated, authorized and monitored, regardless of a user's location or network. It also helps organizations build security frameworks that they can use to eliminate risks and protect against threats.

Currently, Infisign does not offer a partner program for MSSPs and MSPs. However, Infisign may look to develop and launch a channel partner program in the future.

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