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Infosec Partners Launches XZERO Threat Detection System

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Infosec Partners, a security assessment specialist and Top 250 MSSP, has debuted its XZERO Early Warning System (EWS) — designed detect and respond to cyberattacks “with ZERO false positives.”

XZERO is a fully managed service using insights acquired from real-world investigations as well as sophisticated red teaming exercises, Infosec Partners said in a prepared statement. Infosec security experts deploy advanced hunting techniques built around assault assumptions, enabling security team to focus more on the detection of threat actors’ techniques and behavior.

Mark Oakton, Infosec Partners’ chief technology officer, explained how XZERO advances cyberattack detection and response technology using advanced decoy and deception techniques:

“XZERO focusses on limiting the effect of security events by reducing detection time and optimizes response models with automated detection and response. Our early warning system also provides deeper visibility, detailed threat intelligence and context across complex environments.”

XZERO’s Adaptability and Versatility

The full XZERO early warning system includes custom analyst research about domains, emails, websites and online leaked data, Infosec noted. The warnings are combined with data loss prevention and intrusion detection system technology that alerts when an attacker attempts to access sensitive data.

XZERO provides threat intelligence and incident correlation with specific markers and indicators tuned and tailored to the client’s specific operational environment, Infosec said. In addition, XZERO produces risk assessment of all alerts via a Cybersoc Portal, including daily, weekly and emergency reporting of security breaches.

Oakton detailed XZERO’s versatility and scope:

“XZERO adds an extra layer of cyber protection for any organization that is concerned about their security. It can be deployed either as a stand-alone system to fill potential gaps in an existing security framework or integrated as part of our full spectrum managed security services.

“Incorporating XZERO into an integrated security fabric of controls together with firewall, sandbox, web application firewall, endpoint and SIEM technologies… significantly enhances threat intelligence and enables our team of engineers to take early evasive action needed to protect our clients’ networks and preventing the threat from becoming a major security incident. “

More About Infosec Partners

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Tufton Warren, Hampshire, U.K., Infosec is a certified Fortinet Expert Level Dedicated MSSP Partner. It’s managed services offerings include cyber incident response, threat intelligence, managed SOC, and managed detection and response (MDR), including forensic incident management and formal certification to PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

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