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Kivu Consulting Unveils Cloud, Identity Threat Detection and Response Services

Kivu Consulting is bringing to market two managed security services: Cloud Detection and Response and Identity Threat Detection and Response.

Both services are powered by CrowdStrike and provide organizations with capabilities to "address the expanding technology attack surface and continued targeting of digital identities by cyber threats," according to Kivu.

What Kivu's New Managed Security Services Offer

Kivu's new services help organizations keep pace with an evolving cyber threat landscape, said Gary Alterson, vice president of Kivu's Managed Security Services. In doing so, organizations can use these services to achieve the best-possible security outcomes, Alterson noted.    

Cloud Detection and Response is engineered to support cloud and hybrid environments, Kivu said. The service lets users identify and receive alerts for cloud accounts, infrastructure misconfigurations and compliance violations. It detects and prevents cloud account and control plane threats, resolves vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in cloud workloads and performs runtime detection and response for container and function-based applications.

Identity Threat Detection and Response integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and cloud-based identity stores, Kivu stated. It allows users to utilize artificial intelligence-based analytics to generate threat insights. In addition, the service offers identity scoring, authentication enforcement and zero trust security capabilities.

Kivu and Microsoft Work Together to Reduce Cyber Risk

The Cloud Detection and Response and Identity Threat Detection and Response announcement comes after Kivu in March 2023 partnered with Microsoft to "help organizations across all industries globally fight cybercrime and build cyber resilience," the company said.

Kivu and Microsoft will provide cybersecurity solutions powered by each company's software, threat intelligence and respective insurance, legal and government relationships, the businesses indicated. That way, they can help companies protect against cybercrime.

A Closer Look at Kivu

Kivu is a global cybersecurity firm that offers a wide range of managed security services, including:

  • Dark web scanning and monitoring
  • Incident containment and management
  • Managed detection and response (MDR) infrastructure management

Kivu has established partnerships with CrowdStrike, Microsoft and other technology providers. It offers a partner program for MSSPs and MSPs and continues to explore partnership opportunities.

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