Security awareness training provider KnowBe4 has launched Phishing Reply Test (PRT), a web-based tool to help organizations determine if their employees will respond to phishing emails.

PRT tests employees on common scenarios for targeted phishing attacks, according to KnowBe4. It allows an organization to select and send an email template to employees and phish for responses.

In addition, PRT provides insights into the number of employees who fall victim to a simulated phishing attack, KnowBe4 said. This helps an organization determine the best course of action to teach its employees how to combat phishing attacks.

PRT is now available free of charge.

KnowBe4 Growth, Partner Strategy

The PRT release comes after KnowBe4 recorded 70 percent year-over-year sales growth in the first quarter of 2019, marking the company's most successful sales quarter to date. Furthermore, 1Q19 was KnowBe4's 24th consecutive quarter of growth.

Also, KnowBe4 previously received a minority investment from KKR and Ten Eleven Ventures earlier this year. The investment valued KnowBe4 at $800 million.

KnowBe4 is a Top 10 provider of cybersecurity awareness training and simulated phishing software, and its platform is used by more than 24,000 global organizations. The company's products and services help organizations identify and address social engineering attacks.

MSSPs also can join KnowBe4's partner program to incorporate the company's security awareness training and simulated phishing platform into their portfolios. KnowBe4's partner program is free to join, requires no fees or purchase requirements and enables MSSPs to launch a security awareness training and simulated phishing service built on KnowBe4's cloud infrastructure.