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LimaCharlie Helps MSSPs Customize Security Solutions

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LimaCharlie is offering Endpoint Bus-as-a-Service (EBaaS), which MSSPs can use to deploy custom security solutions across customers' endpoints, according to the company.

MSSPs can utilize EBaaS in conjunction with LimaCharlie's SecOps Cloud Platform, the company said. This simplifies the deployment of custom security solutions across customers' endpoints and reduces the complexity and costs associated with doing so.

How LimaCharlie's SecOps Cloud Platform Works

The SecOps Cloud Platform lets MSSPs build custom security solutions, LimaCharlie said. It offers open APIs, centralized telemetry and automated detection and response mechanisms to help MSSPs deliver modern security solutions.

Key features of the SecOps Cloud Platform include:

  • Log and file ingestion that can be run through LimaCharlie's Detection, Automation and Response Engine to produce security telemetry
  • Access to subscriptions to open-source and curated threat detection rule sets, along with the flexibility to produce custom detection logic
  • Automated actions based on telemetry data to help MSSPs accelerate incident response, reduce manual effort and hunt for and mitigation threats
  • Multi-tenant architecture with role-based access controls that allows MSSPs to spin up new pre-configured tenants or make changes using infrastructure as code
  • Observability pipeline that allows MSSPs to observe, transform, enrich and anonymize data in flight and output it to any destination

EBaaS Drives Product Development

With EBaaS, MSSPs can "build a brand-new product and go to market with an acceleration that just doesn't exist anywhere else in the industry," LimaCharlie founder Maxime Lamothe-Brassard said.

EBaaS lets MSSPs use LimaCharlie's infrastructure for connectivity, bi-directional messaging, retention, automation and storage optimization, the company said. As such, MSSPs can use the service to develop and deploy custom security solutions without having to maintain complex infrastructure or deal with integration challenges. They can also speed up the process of getting these solutions to market.

LimaCharlie Offers MSSP Partner Program

By joining LimaCharlie's partner program, MSSPs can work with developers and security infrastructure professionals who "make things work," the company noted. The program provides MSSPs with access to joint marketing assets, a listing on LimaCharlie's website and other tools and resources.

To date, at least seven MSSPs have joined LimaCharlie's partner program. LimaCharlie also continues to explore partnership opportunities with MSSPs.

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