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Lookout Advances Data Security “From the Endpoint to the Cloud”

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Lookout has upgraded its Cloud Security Platform to "help organizations better discover, assess and protect their data as it moves across any network, from the endpoint to the cloud," according to the company.

With Lookout's Cloud Security Platform enhancements, organizations can leverage a unified solution to secure their data by maximizing visibility and protecting access across their applications, the company said.

Lookout Lets Organizations Continuously Monitor Their Users

Organizations can use the Cloud Security Platform to track the risk posture of their end-users and their devices, Lookout said. That way, they can provide zero trust access based on the sensitivity level of their apps and data.

Cloud Security Platform users can use Lookout Secure Private Access zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution to discover and onboard private applications running on a network hosted on-premises or in the cloud and currently being accessed by a virtual private network (VPN). This enables users to see which private applications are being accessed by their users and enforce access and data protection policies for these apps.

Lookout Delivers Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)

The Cloud Security Platform has an integrated cloud firewall that lets users inspect incoming and outgoing traffic across their ports and protocols, Lookout noted. This provides users with visibility and access control into non-web traffic that they can use to stop zero day threats. It also allows users to apply security and access policies across their apps and both internet and intranet traffic.

The Cloud Security Platform offers Google Labels Classification functionality, Lookout noted. It lets users classify sensitive data with Google Drive labels and enforce security policies based on these labels to protect data stored in Google Drive's API mode.

Lookout Protects Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Along with these things, the Cloud Security Platform offers traffic inspection capabilities, Lookout pointed out. It provides data and threat protection to guest users of company networks and traffic coming from IoT devices.

The Cloud Security Platform can also be used with remote browser isolation (RBI) and cloud sandboxing technologies, Lookout said. This helps organizations protect their users from accessing malicious websites and content.

Organizations can use Lookout's Cloud Security Platform to secure their devices, apps, networks and clouds, the company stated. Lookout manages a partner ecosystem, and MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers can integrate its Cloud Security Platform into their offerings.

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