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Managed Security Services Provider Market News 10 October 2023: Reporting from MSSP Alert Live

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Rather than giving our readers my usual MSSP Alert “Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Market News” blog today, I am reporting from MSSP Alert Live in Washington, D.C. And what a great start we’ve had to our annual three-day event!

When I heard guest speaker Robert Cioffi, founder and chief technology officer of Progressive Computing Inc., speak on Monday about the devastation and resurrection of his business during a 2021 ransomware attack that impacted every one of his customers, it crystalized why the cream of the MSSP crop were here. We’re all to learn from each other because, as a community of businesses dedicated to cybersecurity, truly, we all need each other.

There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by where MSSP Alert isn’t covering a partnership program or technology sharing agreement, the frequency of mergers and acquisitions notwithstanding. Then it dawned on me. I wish there wasn’t such a thing as cybersecurity because, in essence, any and all types of security breaches equate to crime.

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which we need a strong national defense as much as any organization, or individual, must protect their data. Until the human condition miraculously changes and our civilization outgrows its propensity to take advantage of the weak, we’ll need the protection that our talented and erudite cybersecurity professionals can give us.

Now, if you look at the MSSP Alert Live! list of speakers, topics and sponsors and all the incredible products, innovations, ideas, services and talent they offer, perhaps threat actors will finally come to realize they’re fighting a losing battle and find a different, hopefully legitimate, line of work. Wars have been fought and won over history, and it’s usually the side with the better technology and more motivated military force that eventually wins the day.

Well, look out cybercriminals. We’ve got the best of the best all together in our exhibition hall here at the Capital Hilton. I’m going to put my money on them winning the day, and you know what, they usually do.

Organizations that take cybersecurity as seriously as they do their profit and loss statements, then they’ve probably partnered with an MSSP or MSP, have an incident response plan in place and are always on the lookout for technology innovations that keep their systems secure and at least one step ahead of the bad guys.

Hopefully, part of their security equation is not only keeping up on the daily news cycle that MSSP Alert and its sister publications deliver, but the services, research, events and more that parent company CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) provides. CRA’s rapidly growing community of security leaders and professionals rely upon us to deliver trust insight, research, collaboration and education across key market sectors.

I am looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday’s speakers and breakout sessions delving into a wide swath of security topics. But what I’m most looking forward to is meeting with the people who are advancing cybersecurity in all sorts of ways. They are the newsmakers who help make MSSP Alert an important publication to help them manage and grow their business and safeguard their customer’s assets.

Moreover, I want to hear from you, our readers. What sorts of topics would you like to see covered more? What news do you have for us? Please send it all my way: [email protected]. I’ll read every note I receive and consider for coverage.

Jim Masters
Managing Editor
MSSP Alert

Jim Masters

Jim Masters is Managing Editor of MSSP Alert, and holds a B.A. degree in Journalism from Northern Illinois University. His career has spanned governmental and investigative reporting for daily newspapers in the Northwest Indiana Region and 16 years in a global internal communications role for a Fortune 500 professional services company. Additionally, he is co-owner of the Lake County Corn Dogs minor league baseball franchise, located in Crown Point, Indiana. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and recording his own music, oil painting, biking, volleyball, golf and cheering on the Corn Dogs.