Managed Security Services Provider Morning News: 28 August 2017

Each morning MSSP Alert broadcasts a quick lineup of news, analysis and chatter from across the global managed security services provider, SOC (security operations center) and IT outsourcing ecosystem.

Here’s the lineup for Monday, August 28, 2017:

7. Cyber Spying: Symantec says it has identified a sustained cyber spying campaign, likely state-sponsored, against Indian and Pakistani entities involved in regional security issues, according to Reuters...

6. Hacker Espionage: In December, Russia arrested two of its most senior cybersecurity officials on treason charges. Now, new details about the arrests apparently surfaced on an independent Russian TV station, The New York Times reports.

5. Service Provider Privacy: A D.C. Superior Court judge ruled last week that DreamHost must provide email addresses and other computer information from people who visited an anti-Trump website in the months leading to Inauguration Day, The Washington Post reported. DreamHost, a Web and Wordpress hosting provider, has been fighting the order, alleging that it violates customer privacy.

4. Hacker Lock Down?: U.S prosecutors are seeking to lock down alleged hacker Marcus Hutchins, according to Bloomberg. Hutchins, a British security researcher charged in the U.S. with creating malware used to hack banking systems -- has too much freedom while awaiting trial and may skip the country, government prosecutors warned a judge, Bloomberg said.

3. Kaspersky Home IoT Scanner: Kaspersky Lab is beta testing Kaspersky IoT Scanner. This free application for Google Android scans a home Wi-Fi network, informing the user about the devices connected to it and their level of security, the security company said.

2. Cybersecurity Conference: The ISSA Cybersecurity Training & Technology Forum (CSTTF) is set for this week in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Check the MSSP Alert Cybersecurity Conference Calendar to track dates and locations for events across the globe.

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Joe Panettieri

Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.