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Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Market News: 30 October 2023

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Today’s MSSP, MSP, MDR, XDR and Cybersecurity Market News

1. Product Launch: ReasonLabs has launched its virtual private network software, RAV VPN, for iOS. As Wi-Fi security is a common unresolved issue in many households, with RAV VPN, Apple iPhone users can enjoy a secured encrypted connection to any Wi-Fi network, ReasonLabs said.

2. Broadcom Eying VMware Acquisition: Broadcom has announced that its acquisition of VMware will close soon. Broadcom is a technology company that designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. VMware is a provider of multi-cloud services for all apps.

3. Cybersecurity Research: Tenable, an exposure management specialist, has published a new study that sheds light on the challenges cybersecurity and IT leaders face in protecting their increasingly complex and expanding attack surface. “Old Habits Die Hard: How People, Process and Technology Challenges Are Hurting Cybersecurity Teams” reveals that in the last two years the average organization’s cybersecurity program was prepared to preventively defend, or block, just 57% of the cyberattacks it encountered. This means 43% of attacks launched against them are successful and must be remediated after the fact, Tenable reports.

4. LockBit Claims it Hacked Boeing: Boeing said on October 27 that it was assessing a claim made by the Lockbit cybercrime gang that it had stolen "a tremendous amount" of sensitive data from the aerospace giant that it would dump online if Boeing didn't pay ransom by November 2. The hacking group posted a countdown clock on its data leak website with a message saying, "Sensitive data was exfiltrated and ready to be published if Boeing do not contact within the deadline!" (Source: Reuters)

5. CISA Offers Logging Tool: Logging Made Easy (LME) is the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) reimagined version of a log management toolset, which offers a reliable, no-cost centralized log management solution. LME is the "perfect option" for those organizations hampered by limited resources and currently lacking a comparable capability, CISA said.

6. Hacker Alert: A new cyberattack campaign is using spurious MSIX Windows app package files for popular software, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Grammarly and Cisco Webex to distribute a novel malware loader dubbed GHOSTPULSE. "MSIX is a Windows app package format that developers can leverage to package, distribute and install their applications to Windows users," Elastic Security Labs researcher Joe Desimone said in a technical report published last week. "However, MSIX requires access to purchased or stolen code signing certificates making them viable to groups of above-average resources." (Source: The Hacker News)

7. Israel Claims Iran Hack: "WeRedEvils" is a group of Israeli cyber experts that claimed it hacked into the central management system of Iran’s oil infrastructure over the weekend. The unofficial group emerged at the start of Israel's Operation Iron Swords in response to the Hamas massacre of 1,400 Israeli and foreigners on October 7. While not revealing any specific details, the Israeli hackers argued that they had caused significant damage to critical oil and fuel transport infrastructure used by the Islamic Republic of Iran, which supports and finances Hamas as one of its terror proxies. (Source: All Israel News)

8. Leadership Move: Commvault, a provider of data protection and cyber resilience solutions for hybrid cloud organizations, announced that Melissa Hathaway will join Commvault as a strategic advisor and serve as the chairperson for Commvault's newly formed Cyber Resilience Council. Under Hathaway's leadership, the council will advise on emerging security trends and cyber threats as well as highlight best-practices in cyber resilience.

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