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Microsoft Copilot for Security Adds 15 Plugins

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Microsoft Copilot for Security is adding new capabilities, notably 15 partner plugins in Public Preview.

In a blog post, Shiv Patel, Copilot for Security senior product manager, said the plugins provide security providers with “third-party intelligence to protect against cyber threats with the speed and scale of AI.” The plugins easily integrate with Copilot for Security while applying advanced analytics, automation and orchestration features to enhance security posture and efficiency, Patel said.

The new plugins cover a range of security domains and use cases. Microsoft included examples of plugins and use case prompts that MSSPs could use to access the functionality. These prompts can also be used as part of custom promptbooks to build repeatable workflows for Copilot for Security customers to re-use.

For instance, the CyberArk plugin can provide MSSPs with information about privileged accounts and provide a quick remiedaition framework for partners using Cyberark Privilege Cloud. A few sample prompts are "According to Cyberark, get me all privileged accounts" and "Get all account details about an account with the user name <power_user>."

The plugins can be found in the "Sources" section of Copilot for Security and installed with just a few clicks, Patel said. Once enabled and configured, they can used to query, analyze and act on the data from third-party sources while integrated within security workflows and reporting.

Pay-As-You-Go Model Offered

Microsoft fashioned Copilot for Security as a generative AI-powered security solution that helps increase the efficiency and capabilities of defenders to improve security outcomes. Copilot for Security provides a natural language, assistive copilot experience to help support security professionals in end-to-end scenarios such as incident response, threat hunting, intelligence gathering and posture management.

Copilot for Security is available as both a standalone product and one that is embedded within the security products customers already use. To make Copilot for Security accessible to a wider range of organizations, Microsoft has introduced a provisioned pay-as-you-go licensing model.

Microsoft rolled out Copilot for Security on April 1 with more than 100 MSSP partners and independent software vendors in a Copilot for Security Partner private preview. These organizations have enhanced Copilot’s development by testing and enhancing new scenarios, providing feedback on product development and operations for future releases, and assessing APIs to aid in Copilot for Security extensibility. Microsoft has put a strong focus on partnering with MSSPs on Copilot for Security.

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