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MSSP Huntsman Security: 3 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

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Cybersecurity posture management (CSPM), systematic risk management and changes in the cyber insurance industry could have far-flung effects on global organizations in 2023, according to MSSP Huntsman Security.

Huntsman has made several cybersecurity predictions for 2023 relating to these topics. Here's a closer look.

Prediction #1: Expect More Organizations Than Ever Before to Use CSPM and Risk Management Solutions

Organizations must evaluate their attack surface and manage them accordingly. Otherwise, they risk ransomware, malware and other cyberattacks that cause data breaches, along with brand reputation damage and compliance penalties.

In 2023, organizations may be increasingly prone to CSPM or attack surface management solutions, Huntsman predicted. By doing so, these organizations can evaluate their security posture and minimize their attack surface. Plus, they can guard against vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that create security gaps for cybercriminals to exploit.

Prediction #2: Cyber Insurance Will Drive Security Control Improvements

Cyber insurance companies continue to look for ways to support policyholders and price their coverage accordingly. As part of their efforts, they have been tightening their security controls and implementing strict underwriting to help policyholders optimize their security posture.

Going forward, cyber insurance "will become the biggest insurance market," Huntsman predicted. Cyber insurance companies look poised to improve their risk management practices. At the same time, competition among cyber insurance companies may increase, which could drive these businesses to offer better and more affordable coverage.

Prediction #3: Many Nations Will Work Together to Combat Cybercrime

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has led to joint security advisories from government agencies across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Together, global leaders can find ways to keep pace with cybercriminals and protect their constituents against cyberattacks.

Government agencies from around the world are likely to continue to publish joint security advisories in 2023, Huntsman predicted. In doing so, they can collaborate with one another and identify the best ways to combat cybercrime now and in the future.

Prepare for Cybercrime in 2023

Organizations will "have a lot to deal with in 2023" relative to cybersecurity, Huntsman pointed out. However, with cybersecurity monitoring and measurement, these organizations are well equipped to guard against current and emerging cyber threats.

MSSPs can offer cybersecurity monitoring and management services. As a result, they can help organizations improve their security posture and get the most value out of their cybersecurity investments.

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