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MSSP Market News: Diversified, GroCyber, Measured, KnowBe4

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Today’s MSSP Alert Market News:

1. Media Security Partnership: Diversified, a global technology solutions provider, has announced a partnership and trio of solutions with GroCyber. Together, the companies are empowering audio-visual (AV) and media companies to improve their cybersecurity by providing a “clean bill of health” for their digital media environments, ensuring hardware and software are current, and protecting media storage and devices against the threat of malware, the companies said.

2. Cyber Risk and Security Collaboration: Measured Analytics and Insurance, an AI-powered cyber insurance provider for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), has formed a strategic partnership with KnowBe4, an integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform provider. The collaboration aims to combine Measured's expertise in cyber risk management with KnowBe4's security training programs to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for Measured's customers, the companies said.

3. Security Platform Advancement: Group-IB, provider of cybersecurity technologies to investigate, prevent and fight digital crime, has announced a series of upgrades to its flagship Unified Risk Platform. The security suite has been revamped to improve threat detection efficacy, enhance intelligence gathering and fortify AI capabilities across its modules, the company said.

4. Threat Intelligence Report: Quorum Cyber has released its Threat Intelligence Outlook 2024 report. The in-depth report offers a strategic analysis of emerging cybersecurity threats, from malware and ransomware developments to geopolitical considerations and the outlook for 2024 global events.

5. Data Lake Debuts: DynaRisk has launched its Cyber Intelligence Data Lake, containing vast amounts of recovered data stolen by Infostealer malware. DynaRisk has intelligence on 6 million hacked devices, 20 million stolen credentials, 30 million stolen emails and 11 billion stolen website cookies, the company said.

6. Malware Research Released: Malwarebytes has released its 2024 ThreatDown State of Malware report, which reveals that the United States accounted for almost half of all ransomware attacks in 2023. The annual cybersecurity analysis looks at the most prominent attacks and cybercrime tactics across popular operating systems and how IT teams — particularly those that are resource-constrained — can address them.

8. New Malware Spotted: A new sophisticated banking Trojan that steals sensitive financial information and introduces advanced tactics to avoid detection has been discovered by Kaspersky's Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT). Dubbed "Coyote," this malware relies on the Squirrel installer for distribution, its name drawing inspiration from coyotes, the natural predators of squirrels, Kaspersky said.

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