MSSP Partnership: OpenText and MAD Security Take Aim at False Positive Alerts

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OpenText, an enterprise software provider, has launched a partnership between its OpenText Network Detection & Response (NDR) technology and fellow MSSP MAD Security — with the aim of cutting false positive security alerts and protecting sensitive government data against cyber threats,” according to a prepared statement.

MAD Security’s Focus on SMBs, Government Contractors

MAD Security specializes in helping contractors and other small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) detect potential breaches and preventing attackers from disrupting operations or exfiltrating data, the company stated. Correspondingly, MAD Security “understands that government contractors are a prime target for cyberattacks, from phishing and social engineering to malware and ransomware.”

MAD Security explained that it added OpenText’s network detection and response (NDR) capabilities to strengthen its cybersecurity impact by continuously monitoring and analyzing raw enterprise network traffic. This creates method a baseline of network behavior that would help analysts hunt down emerging threats faster.

MAD Security CEO Jeremy Conway explained the impetus behind the partnership with OpenText:

"In the past, MAD Security has relied on an anomaly-based intrusion detection system to find indicators of compromise (IOCs). While this approach was effective for analyzing north-south traffic across small networks, it was a challenge to pinpoint IOCs across larger networks with significant volumes of east-west traffic. If we could reduce the time our analysts spent drilling down into the data, we could accelerate our response and improve cost efficiency — ultimately providing a more competitive service. Working with OpenText, we can now detect and correlate events, investigate the data and notify the client in an average of just 6.5 minutes."

Gaining Faster Insights

With OpenText NDR, MAD Security says it can “gain insights faster than ever” through deep packet inspection, behavioral anomaly detection, IOC matching and AI-powered analytics.

Muhi Majzoub, OpenText executive vice president and chief product officer, welcomed the partnership:

"We are thrilled to be able to count MAD Security among our many incredible customers and are proud to see not just our solutions working for the organization but also be part of its growth and success. By supporting MAD Security with OpenText NDR, we were able to help the company achieve its growth target while keeping its analyst team lean."

Jim Masters

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