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Netscout Systems Adds Machine Learning-Based DDoS Defense Solution

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Netscout Systems has released a new version of its Arbor Edge Defense (AED) inline security appliance that offers machine learning-based Adaptive DDoS Protection.

Now, AED automatically protects networks against DDoS attacks, Netscout said in a prepared statement.

How Netscout Arbor Edge Defense Protects Organizations Against DDoS Attacks

AED is positioned on the network edge to provide "an inline, always-on, first and last line of defense," Netscout stated. It uses stateless packet processing, global threat intelligence and adaptive DDoS defense technology to stop DDoS attacks and outbound communication from compromised devices communicating with threat actor command and control (C2) infrastructure.

With AED, organizations can screen incoming and outgoing network traffic to block DDoS attacks and other cyber threats, Netscout said. In doing so, they can minimize the load on firewalls, load balancers or virtual private network (VPN) concentrators and stop malware from spreading across their networks.

In addition, AED blocks outbound communications sent from compromised internal devices to sites run by bad actors, Netscout said. In the event of a large volumetric DDoS attack, AED utilizes cloud signaling that integrates with cloud DDoS protection providers to coordinate a response between cloud-based volumetric protection and on-premise adaptive DDoS attack protection.

Scott Iekel-Johnson, Netscout's AVP for DDoS and threat intelligence, commented on AED's Adaptive DDoS Protection and how it helps organizations keep pace with evolving cyber threats:

"As cyber threats become more sophisticated and dynamic, IT teams need to out-smart bad actors with the ability to adapt and surgically block unwanted traffic at the network edge... With AED's Adaptive DDoS Protection, enterprises can take advantage of our DDoS attack expertise and minimize unnecessary workloads that force expensive upgrades with an always-on product that can scale to protect every edge from a single pane of glass."

Netscout Boosts Revenue in Fiscal Year 2023

The launch of a new version of AED after Netscout reported revenue growth in fiscal year 23 across several areas:

  • Total revenue increased from $855.6 million to $914.5 million year over year.
  • Product revenue increased from $410.1 million to $450.8 million.
  • Service revenue increased from $445.5 million to $463.7 million.

Netscout is projecting its total revenue for fiscal year 2024 to fall between $915-$945 million.

A Closer Look at Netscout

Netscout offers solutions designed to help organizations see "across any network, any data center, any cloud, 5G and more," the company indicated. As such, these solutions can help organizations maximize their performance, security and availability of their operations.

More than 3,000 organizations across over 120 countries utilize Netscout's solutions, the company noted. Netscout also offers a partner program for MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers.

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