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Netsurion’s MSSP Platform Gains Deep Instinct Endpoint Protection

Netsurion, a Top 200 MSSP that works closely with MSPs, has integrated Deep Instinct's endpoint protection software into its EventTracker security information and event management (SIEM) platform.

The net result for MSP partners is a complete MSSP platform that can predict, prevent, detect and respond to security issues, Netsurion President A.N. Ananth told MSSP Alert in an interview.

With endpoint protection added to the mix, Netsurion now offers a complete MSSP platform for MSPs to protect end-customers, the company says.

Netsurion's own 24x7 monitoring and analysis capabilities are the additional secret sauce that tie together and leverage all of those services, as shown in the Netsurion chart.

Still, Netsurion doesn't want to dictate the path forward for MSP partners. The company continues to integrate with additional third-party endpoint protection tools, and won't force MSPs to switch out entrenched platforms. But the opportunity to integrate and offer Deep Instinct as part of a managed service was too good an opportunity to pass up, Ananth told MSSP Alert.

Netsurion Endpoint Protection Explained

Discussions between Netsurion and Deep Instinct began in February 2020 during the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Although no endpoint security tool is flawless, Netsurion began to discover that Deep Instinct's deep learning capabilities allow the platform to block emerging threats before they become well-known malware, Ananth says.

For instance, Deep Instinct blocked initial Snake ransomware attacks before most security systems could identify and mitigate that threat, Ananth notes.

In simple terms, Deep Instinct's deep learning capabilities are similar to a child learning how to catch a ball. Once the child understands the basics of that task, he or she can typically catch any type of ball in any stadium in any geography in the world, Ananth says. Deep Instinct has similar type of learning capabilities that make the system extremely adept at catching and mitigating new threats, he asserts.

So, how does Deep Instinct align with Netsurion's overall portfolio of services for MSPs? The Netsurion chart below, shared in a briefing with MSSP Alert, explains Netsurion's overall managed platform approach and where Deep Instinct fits into the system:

Deep Instinct for EventTracker is now available as a standalone managed endpoint protection platform (EPP) or as part of a managed security service.

Netsurion Introduces Remote Workforce Threat Detection for EventTracker

Along with its Deep Instinct integration, Netsurion in June added a Remote Workforce Threat Detection feature to EventTracker.

Remote Workforce Threat Detection offers visibility into an organization's security and compliance posture across its endpoints, servers and network equipment, Netsurion said. It allows an organization to automatically detect behavior anomalies and indicators of compromise (IoCs), prevent cyberattacks that use compromised credentials and phishing and analyze login and network behavior.

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