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New CyberRisk Collaborative Advances CISO Development

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CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) has unveiled the CyberRisk Collaborative (CRC) with the aim of transform the landscape by equipping cybersecurity leaders with the tools, community support and strategic insights needed to lead effectively and secure their organizations.

CRA, a cybersecurity-focused business intelligence company and owner of MSSP Alert, has now combined the Cybersecurity Collaborative and the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum under a single brand and value proposition. As cyber threats become more sophisticated and pervasive, CRA asserts that unified, strategic leadership has become critical to cybersecurity efforts that mitigate those risks. In addressing this vital issue, the CRC was so-conceived.

The CRC is intended to advance the careers of current and future cybersecurity leaders with a community-first ethos that puts CISOs at the center of executive development. The CRC equips these leaders with the necessary tools to effectively manage security risks. Members benefit from a broad network of professionals, ongoing educational programs, and comprehensive peer-developed resources designed to improve security practices and leadership skills, CRA said.

Community Building Among CISOs

The Cybersecurity Collaborative and the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum have both championed the cause of chief information security officers (CISOs) and cybersecurity executives, CRA said. Established in 2019, The Cybersecurity Collaborative has been provided a paid subscription service that caters to the needs of CISOs and their teams. Meanwhile, the Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum established itself as a vital regional events platform that facilitates knowledge sharing and community building among CISOs.

CRA noted the past achievements and impact of the two organizations, now operating jointly as the CRC:

  • Membership has grown to include over 1,400 CISOs and 1,100 deputy/vice president level members.
  • The organizations boast a 91% premium membership renewal rate, reflecting the high value placed on their services
  • A repository of more than 250 CISO-developed tools, templates and resources available to members.
  • Local leadership boards and quarterly events have been established across 17 markets, fostering a strong sense of community and localized support

Motivations Behind the Merge

The decision to unify the two organizations into the CyberRisk Collaborative stems from a shared vision to more closely integrate digital resources with the physical engagement that has proven so impactful for cybersecurity executives, according to CRA. The newly combined force that results from the two brands ensures all members have 24/7 access to digital resources, enhancing connectivity between national and regional networks and expanding the range of services available.

The CRC will continue to offer the high-caliber digital platforms, regional events and strategic working groups that members value, CRA said. The enriched portfolio also includes exclusive member benefits across seven key pillars:

  • Leadership Development programs tailored to navigate complex cybersecurity landscapes
  • Workforce Development enhancing skills to maintain competitive, effective defenses against evolving cyber threats
  • Intelligence and Insights access to cutting-edge research and proactive threat analysis.
  • Tools and Solutions tools that improve cybersecurity efficiency.
  • Peer Collaboration within a vendor-free environment for sharing strategies and collective problem-solving
  • Personal Brand Building opportunities to enhance visibility and establish reputational strength
  • Policy and Regulation guidance on the latest in cybersecurity law and compliance standards

Members can also engage in CRC-specific programs such as the National Education Council, Leadership Boards, Cyber Leadership Program, Women in Cyber Program, and the Accelerator Program (formerly known as the Cybersecurity Collaborative).

Learn more about how the CyberRisk Collaborative is setting a new standard in cybersecurity leadership development at

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