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Norton Offers Early Look at New Mobile App Scam Detector

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Norton is offering customers early access to Norton Genie, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mobile app that operates as a scam detector enabling users to see if texts, emails, website and social media posts are fraudulent.

Genie Gives Friendly Advice

The company, which is part of Gen, a cybersecurity conglomerate with a suite of trusted consumer brands, has positioned Genie as “simple as asking for advice from a friend that’s available 24/7.”

Genie will give customers immediate guidance on whether the message, email, link or post is potentially a scam and what to do next, Norton said. The application is driven by Norton’s technicians and advanced AI that's trained on millions of scam messages and the red flags to watch for, Norton said.

Explaining to consumers the merits of the Genie application, Gen President Ondrej Vlcek said:

"Every day, we're inundated with messages and scams that have become so believable that anyone, even the savviest of us, is just one wrong tap from becoming a scammer's next victim. We want to give people Digital Freedom — the freedom that can only be achieved when you're safe and empowered online.

"Genie is an always on, easy-to-use, trusted advisor that helps you stay ahead of highly convincing scams. By bringing together best-in-class scam intel from Norton with advanced AI, we can empower people to take full advantage of the digital world safely, privately and confidently."

Norton Uncorks Genie's Features

Here are the app’s key features:

  • Users can upload a screenshot or copy and paste the text of a suspicious message and Genie will instantly tell you if a message or site appears to be a scam.
  • Genie combines advanced AI with best-in-class cybersecurity data and technology to help identify scams before you engage. As part of Gen, Norton tapped into the company's investment and application of AI research and innovation, decades of experience uncovering and remediating scams, phishing attacks, and sketchy websites, and extensive library of known threats to create Genie.
  • The more people use Genie, the smarter it gets. Genie will continue to learn and adapt to detect new scams and help protect against emerging threats. While Genie gets better and better with scam detection in messages, emails and social media posts, we will be developing additional ways Genie can protect people from other types of scams.
  • Beyond telling you if a message is likely a scam, Genie answers follow up questions: How did it know the message was a scam? What should you do next?
D. Howard Kass

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