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QuSecure, Accenture Secure Multi-Orbit Data Communications with Post-Quantum Cryptography

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QuSecure and Accenture, which has a Top 250 MSSP subsidiary, have jointly completed the first successful multi-orbit data communications test secured with post-quantum cryptography (PQC).

The test verifies that crypto-agility (the ability to move from one algorithm to a less vulnerable one) is "real and possible," according to the companies.

During the test, QuSecure and Accenture delivered a crypto-agile, quantum-resilient channel from earth to a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, the companies indicated. The transmission included a switch over from LEO to a geosynchronous orbit (GEO) satellite and back down to earth. This exercise provided a model for redundancy in the event of a data breach, failure or threat to satellites in a single orbit.

The test outcome was an Accenture-facilitated LEO data transmission secured using traditional cybersecurity techniques and quantum-resilient cybersecurity utilizing QuSecure's QuProtect post-quantum cybersecurity platform, the companies indicated. There was no software installed on the satellites, highlighting QuProtect's ability to secure communications on existing hardware with a software layer.

What the QuSecure-Accenture Test Result Means

QuSecure and Accenture can help organizations maintain live, secure communications and data transmissions through multiple orbits in space, the companies said. Organizations also can apply QuSecure's Quantum Secure Layer technology within public key infrastructure to protect their LSO satellite communications.

Furthermore, QuSecure's protective encryption can transmit up to GEO satellites with orbits that can carry more traffic with greater coverage, the company noted. This enables servers, edge, Internet of Things (IoT), battlefield, point-of-sale and other devices outside conventional data networks to leverage satellite quantum-safe communications.

Arrow Electronics Provides QuProtect to Channel Partners

In addition to Accenture, Arrow Electronics previously partnered with QuSecure in January 2023. Arrow is providing QuProtect to more than 220,000 commercial and federal channel partners to help them guard against traditional and quantum cyberattacks, the companies stated.

Organizations can use QuProtect to safeguard their encrypted communications and data via a quantum-secure channel. QuSecure does not offer a partner program for MSSPs and MSPs at this time. However, QuSecure may look to launch a partner program that allows MSSPs and MSPs to integrate QuProtect into their offerings in the future.

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