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Secure Ideas Launches “Professionally Evil Testing as a Service” (PETaaS) Offering

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Secure Ideas has released Professionally Evil Testing as a Service (PETaaS), a penetration testing-as-a-service offering designed to help organizations bolster their security posture, according to the company.

Commenting on the PETaaS release, Secure CEO Kevin Johnson said:

"With the launch of PETaaS, we aim to provide a dependable, scalable and continuous penetration testing partner for businesses of all sizes. This service will revolutionize the way organizations approach information security assessments and ensure they remain aware of ever-evolving cyber threats."

What Secure Ideas PETaaS Offers

PETaaS ensures that an organization's InfoSec measures are always up to date and effective, Secure said. The service provides organizations with the following:

  • Ongoing Advisory Service gives users access to penetration testers that can provide InfoSec security advice through Slack, email and other channels.
  • Short Procurement Cycle utilizes credits and contracts to provide users with immediate access to pentesters.
  • Built-In Project Management provides access to a portal and project management team that monitor the status, spending, communications and deliverables of an organization's pentesting engagements.
  • Real-Time Communication keeps users up to date about security issues, critical vulnerabilities and indicators of compromise (IOCs) as they come up during a penetration test.

PETaaS provides organizations with scalable and continuous penetration testing, Secure noted. It also can be incorporated into an organization's software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Furthermore, there is no upfront cost required for onboarding with PETaaS, Secure indicated. PETaaS's costs are determined based on the number of Professionally Evil Test Credits that an organization purchases.

What MSSPs Need to Know About Secure Ideas

In addition to PETaaS, Secure offers these cybersecurity services:

  • Consulting and Advisory Services help organizations assess the current state of their security infrastructure and find ways to improve their security posture.
  • Security Assessments allow organizations to evaluate their security controls and determine which ones are working properly.
  • Vulnerability Management enables organizations to identify security weaknesses and receive recommendations on how to address these issues.

Secure also provides several cybersecurity products, including:

  • Dark Web Monitoring consists of a subscription in which Secure monitors the dark web for and looks for an organization's email addresses, passwords, financial information and other sensitive data.
  • CloudScout offers cloud configuration scanning to provide organizations with insights into how well their configurations measure up to industry standards.
  • NetworkScout scans an organization's internal and external networks and network assets and looks for security vulnerabilities.

Secure offers a partner program for MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers. The program allows partners to integrate Secure's penetration testing, security consulting and training capabilities into their portfolios.

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