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SentinelOne Debuts Cloud Data Security Product Line

Credit: SentinelOne

SentinelOne has launched a Cloud Data Security product line designed to help organizations detect and prevent the spread of malware across their cloud environments and enterprise networks.

Two SentinelOne Cloud Data Security products are now generally available: Threat Detection for Amazon S3 and Threat Detection for NetApp, the company announced in a prepared statement.

What Threat Detection for Amazon S3 and NetApp Offer

Threat Detection for Amazon S3 uses SentinelOne's artificial intelligence-powered detection engines to identify malware and zero-day exploits, the company said. It allows users to automatically quarantine malicious objects, scan objects directly in S3 buckets and verify that these buckets are secure and compliant.

Meanwhile, Threat Detection for NetApp utilizes SentinelOne's AI detection engines for in-line file scanning that delivers results in milliseconds, the company noted. It also provides automated encryption and quarantining of malicious files.

How SentinelOne Threat Detection Products Work

Threat Detection for Amazon S3 and Threat Detection for NetApp automatically scan for malware and zero-day exploits, SentinelOne noted. If a malicious file is detected, SentinelOne automatically remediates and quarantines it. This helps organizations keep their buckets clean and safe.

Key features of Threat Detection for Amazon S3 and Threat Detection for NetApp include:

  • Ability to detect known and unknown malware
  • Access to threat metadata
  • Configurable policy-based coverage and response automation
  • File-fetching of quarantined and encrypted threats
  • File quarantining/unquarantining
  • File exclusions and user block list

Ely Kahn, vice president of Product Management, Cloud Security and AI and Machine Learning at SentinelOne, described how the company's new Cloud Data Security products help organizations protect their cloud storage and workloads against malware:

"Files can come from any number of sources, including employees, customers, partners and vendors. And modern cyberattacks readily evade traditional solutions designed to secure them. Our latest solutions take an equally modern approach to ensure cloud storage and workloads remain malware free."

Introducing the SentinelOne Singularity Security DataLake

The Cloud Data Security news comes after SentinelOne in April 2023 unveiled the Singularity Security DataLake platform at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California. Organizations can use this platform to ingest structured or unstructured data from any product or source and fuse it with endpoint, workload and user data, the company said. From here, they can view these data in one location and use it to find ways to bolster their security posture.

Along with announcing the Singularity Security DataLake at the RSA Conference, SentinelOne also showcased a threat-hunting platform that allows organizations to use AI to respond to threats in real time.

SentinelOne continues to offer a partner program and explore new partnership opportunities with cybersecurity and technology providers.

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