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ShieldX Bolsters Amazon AWS Cloud Security

ShieldX, a cloud-native network security platform provider, has added so-called "lateral movement prevention" to its Elastic Security Platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Lateral movement prevention enables end users to monitor and address East-West movement inside AWS public cloud environments, ShieldX said. It provides users with the ability to view traffic, identify anomalies and block attacks inside AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs) and subnets.

In addition, security teams with AWS data centers can use the Elastic Security Platform to track and monitor malware, sensitive data movement and exploits, ShieldX indicated. They also can leverage the Elastic Security Platform's deep packet inspection to address cyber threats.

A Closer Look at the Elastic Security Platform

The Elastic Security Platform uses agentless security controls to protect data centers, cloud infrastructure, applications and data, ShieldX noted. It delivers cyber protection using a three-step process:

  1. Discover: Discovers new resources such as middleware apps or storage as they are brought online.
  2. Automate: Automates the insertion process of ShieldX flow inspectors or segment interfaces to route network traffic via the company's security microservices.
  3. Secure: Activates the appropriate microservices to ensure that virtual machines (VMs) and workloads are continuously and automatically monitored and secured without the need for human intervention.

Furthermore, the Elastic Security Platform is backed by ShieldX's Adaptive Intention Engine, which allows security teams to leverage application visibility, workload protection and other security controls. It also helps organizations define and enforce security policies and deploy software-defined elastic security across distributed cloud services and workflows.

ShieldX also supports VMWare ESXi and Microsoft Azure.

Dan Kobialka

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