Siemens has partnered with Chronicle, an Alphabet company and sister business to Google that provides the Backstory global security analytics platform. Together, the companies will protect energy infrastructure against industrial cyber threats.

Siemens and Chronicle will offer a joint solution that leverages Backstory and Siemens' industrial cybersecurity expertise, the companies said. The solution provides energy companies with visibility into their information technology and operational technology, along with insights into cyber threats.

What Does the Siemens-Chronicle Partnership Mean for Energy Companies?

The Siemens-Chronicle partnership ensures energy companies can secure data and identify cyber threats faster than ever before, according to the companies. It also enables energy companies to leverage analytics to process data streams.

Approximately 60 percent of energy companies want to leverage analytics, but only 20 percent of these businesses use analytics for security monitoring in operational technology environments, Chronicle indicated. Now, energy companies can deploy the Siemens-Chronicle joint solution to detect security vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of data breaches.

Siemens and Chronicle: What You Need to Know

Siemens offers cybersecurity solutions as part of its Omniverse Digital Services. The company's cybersecurity solutions include protection, detection and monitoring offerings.

Chronicle provides Backstory, which uses threat intelligence from global cyber threats and internal network threats to help organizations identify and address cyberattacks. Backstory is built on Google infrastructure and provides an elastic container for storing enterprise security telemetry.