Siemplify, a security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) company, has added a business intelligence module to the new version of its Security Operations Platform for MSSPs, according to a prepared statement. The module is powered by Tableau data visualization software and provides analytics and trends information across various security operations metrics.

Along with a business intelligence module, Siemplify's new Security Operations Platform release includes:

  • Playbook monitoring capabilities that enable organizations to analyze each security playbook's effectiveness and troubleshoot abnormal or erroneous playbook activity.
  • Playbooks that can be grouped, distributed and managed per environment or group of similar environments.
  • Repository that enables download and adoption of entire use cases, complete with playbooks, integrations, simulated alerts and how-to videos.
  • Ability for a single Siemplify instance to handle 50,000 alerts per day.

The new version of Siemplify's Security Operations Platform is now available.

A Closer Look at Siemplify's Security Operations Platform

Siemplify's Security Operations Platform provides MSSPs with security operations management capabilities, including:

  • Context-Driven Threat Investigations: Offers threat insights and visualizations to help MSSPs quickly identify and respond to cyberattacks.
  • Customizable Playbooks: Enable MSSPs to build customizable processes to automate security operations.
  • Intelligent Case Management: Automatically groups related security alerts across an MSSP's threat detection tools.
  • Machine Learning Recommendations: Leverage machine learning to collect historical data and help MSSPs prioritize and investigate alerts.

MSSPs can join the Siemplify's "Partner First" Program to integrate the company's Security Operations Platform into their portfolios. Partner First provides MSSPs with lead sharing, deal registration and other sales, marketing and educational tools.