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Skyhawk Security Offers AI-Based Purple Teaming

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Skyhawk Security has added a Continuous Proactive Protection AI-based purple team capability to its Synthesis Security Platform.

The company announced Continuous Proactive Protection at Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent, November 27-December 1, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Skyhawk Security Delivers Adaptive Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Organizations can use Continuous Proactive Protection to continuously secure their cloud environments, Skyhawk said.

Continuous Proactive Protection lets users run attack simulations against their cloud environments, Skyhawk noted. It also provides response and remediation recommendations to help organizations maintain up-to-date cloud protection.

How Skyhawk Security Continuous Proactive Protection Works

Continuous Proactive Protection runs an AI-based red team against an AI-based blue team, Skyhawk pointed out. In doing so, it enables users to identify security weaknesses across their cloud infrastructure.

In addition, Continuous Proactive Protection's autonomous purple team repeats the following cycle:

  • Discover by identifying a cloud environment's most valuable assets
  • Analyze by highlighting the least-resistance paths to these assets
  • Simulate attacks to determine how cybercriminals target these assets
  • Evaluate defenses to show how an organization's cyber defenses detect and respond to threats
  • Automated learnings that adapt an organization's threat detection capabilities based on the threats present in its cloud infrastructure

Skyhawk Security Offers ChatGPT for Threat Detection

The Continuous Proactive Protection announcement comes after Skyhawk in March 2023 integrated ChatGPT functionality into its cloud threat detection and response platform.

With ChatGPT, organizations can use Skyhawk's platform to analyze security data from across the web, the business said. Skyhawk also scores threats using its machine learning technologies and notifies users about anomalous behaviors.

Furthermore, Skyhawk added textual explanations produced by ChatGPT to its platform. These explanations give users insights into security incidents, the company indicated.

Organizations can use Skyhawk's platform to map and remediate threats to their cloud infrastructure, the company noted. Skyhawk does not currently offer a channel partner program but may look to launch one in the future.

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