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Sophos Delivers Active Adversary Protection

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Sophos, a Top 40 managed detection and response (MDR) security company, has released three new security solutions designed to help organizations protect against active adversaries.

Here's a look at the new solutions:

1. Sophos Firewall v20 Software with Active Threat Response

Organizations can use Sophos Firewall v20 software with Active Threat Response capabilities to automatically shut down attacks and block active adversaries from entering networks, Sophos said. The firewall software also includes an integrated zero trust network access (ZTNA) gateway that allows organizations to provide secure remote access to applications behind a firewall.

2. Sophos Network Detection and Response (NDR) with Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Sophos is offering Sophos NDR to Sophos XDR and Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers to help them extend their threat detection capabilities to their networks, the company stated. With Sophos NDR, Sophos XDR and Sophos MDR users can track activity deep inside their networks and identify suspicious and malicious traffic patterns that could indicate that an attack is underway.

3. Sophos XDR with Enhancements

Sophos XDR users can connect their security data across multiple sources to detect threats and stop active adversaries, the business noted​. They can also access an expanded set of third-party integrations that they can use to collect, enrich and combine telemetry across their endpoint, firewall, cloud, identity, network and email solutions. Furthermore, enhanced security operations and analyst workflow and case management features enable Sophos XDR users to automate their incident response actions and filter out redundant security alerts.

Organizations Can Consolidate Their Security Products

Many organizations want an all-in-one security solution in lieu of using multiple security products, said Chris Kissel, research vice president of security and trust products at IDC. With a single security solution, these organizations can maximize the efficiency of their security operations.

Now, Sophos' new security solutions enable organizations to use several tools in conjunction with one another and manage them from a central platform. That way, organizations can utilize these tools to "achieve better security outcomes with tools covering different facets of the security ecosystem," Kissel stated.

The new Sophos Firewall software is available exclusively through Sophos' global channel of partners and MSPs and as a complimentary upgrade for all licensed firewall customers. New Sophos NDR and XDR third-party integration packs will be available by the end of November.

Sophos Research Delves Into Ransomware Attack Techniques

Sophos exposes how active adversaries are now carrying out ransomware “fast” attacks in mere hours in its new “2023 Active Adversary Report for Security Practitioners” report.

The Sophos X-Ops report showcases the forensics of fast smash-and-grab ransomware attacks and the precise tactics, techniques and procedures attackers are using to operate in this new high-speed attack mode.

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