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Symmetry Systems Debuts Zero Trust Data Assessments

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Symmetry Systems, a data security posture management (DSPM) platform specialist, has launched its Zero Trust Data Assessments capability, according to a prepared statement.

Zero Trust Data Assessments Explained

Zero Trust Data Assessments deliver insights from hundreds of cloud DSPM assessments across a variety of industries, Symmetry Systems explained. As such, the assessments help organizations quickly develop an accurate understanding of their data across their hybrid clouds. They also identify common weak spots in their data security posture to accelerate a successful zero trust security strategy.

As part of the assessments, Symmetry says it “performs an agentless scan with DataGuard to quickly identify data stores and unearth zero trust challenges, misconfigurations and violations in their hybrid cloud.” This enables customers to adjust identity access management (IAM) policies on individual data objects at scale. Assessments also ensure that access is limited only to those who need it, and then monitors all accesses to lay the foundation for zero trust for data.

DataGuard's data-centric focused capabilities have been implemented in use cases across the full breadth of all National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework functions, Symmetry Systems noted. This includes compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and other mandates.

What will be the impact of Zero Trust Data Assessments on MSSPs? Claude Mandy, chief evangelist for Symmetry Systems, explains:

“Symmetry Systems partners closely with managed security service providers (MSSPs) to deliver modern data security at scale. Zero Trust Data Assessments allows organizations to better understand how their data is secured and proactively reduce unnecessary access to it, which is critical towards achieving Zero Trust. With this, MSSPs can better secure their clients critical data and exceed their client’s expectations.”

Benefits of Symmetry's Zero Trust Data Assessments

Symmetry System's Zero Trust Data Assessments provides organizations with:

  • Immediate visual insights and evidence of zero trust violations across their hybrid cloud data stores
  • Detailed evidence that can answer critical data security posture questions
  • Accelerated adoption of a successful zero trust-based security strategy
  • Recommended actions to fortify customers' data security posture

Symmetry co-founder and CEO Mohit Tiwari explained the benefits of Zero Trust Data Assessments:

"Accurately understanding your organization's crown jewel data — how it is secured today and how it is used — is a vital first step towards zero trust. Our Zero Trust Data Assessments map data flows from identities to data objects at a granular level. This has never been possible before. This assessment helps you measure how you secure your crown jewel data, and then dramatically simplify the methods to take them closer to zero ambient trust."

Through Zero Trust Data Assessments, organizations can experience a wide range of capabilities that:

  • Identify and visualize where data, and particularly customers' sensitive data is stored
  • Visualize and identify accounts with access to sensitive data including third-party identities and accounts
  • Understand who has access to which sensitive data in customers' multi-cloud environments and enforce relevant zero trust control
  • Keep track of who is using customers' data and what they are doing with it
  • Detect violations of least privilege for data access
  • Identify and prioritize dormant identities and unused data stores to minimize the data blast radius
  • Use visual evidence to recommend cloud data access entitlement policy changes
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