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Sysdig Powers Cloud Security Platform with Generative AI

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By partnering with Google Cloud, Sysdig is bringing new generative artificial intelligence (AI) features to its cloud security platform.

In announcing the partnership in a prepared statement, Sysdig said that its cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) consolidates security to allow real-time vulnerability, entitlement and posture management, as well as threat detection and response.

With Google Vertex AI, Sysdig asserts that it can now “build AI-powered features and experiences that up-level security teams and protect cloud software development.”

As Sysdig Chief Technology Officer Loris Degioanni, the company’s founder, explained:

“Traditional security approaches involve looking in from the outside, which makes threat detection and response impossible. As cloud architectures and containers become commonplace, this paradigm needs to change. Profit-focused attackers are taking advantage of cloud innovations, such as AI. Our generative AI-based features will help users leap-frog threat actors and move with speed and precision.”

What is Generative AI and How Does Sysdig Use it?

Generative AI systems are capable of creating text, images or other media in response to prompts. These AI models learn the patterns and structure of their input training data, and then generate new data that has similar characteristics.

In the event of a cyberattack, quick communication between response teams is imperative. Accordingly, Google’s generative AI enables Sysdig to simplify the way in which teams interact. And it dramatically increase the productivity of security analysts and the response time of the entire organization.

More About the Partnership

Through its partnership with Google Cloud, Sysdig plans to expand its cloud security leadership capabilities, including:

  • Threat research and intelligence
  • Threat detection
  • Incident investigation and response

Sysdig said its new generative AI capabilities will be available to customers later this year.

Commenting on the partnership, Manvinder Singh, managing director, Partnerships, at Google Cloud, said:

“Sysdig has created a comprehensive cloud security platform based on runtime, which gives the platform a plethora of data. As Sysdig builds on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, they will be able to use that data to up-level developers and security teams,and automate activities that will ultimately make users more productive."

At the 2023 RSA Conference, Google Cloud introduced its Security AI Workbench platform to integrate generative AI into its products. Security AI Workbench combines Google Cloud’s Sec-PaLM large language model (LLM) with Mandiant threat intelligence.

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