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Trustifi Offers Free Access to Email Security Tools

IT administrators can access free Trustifi email security tools that they can use to gain insights into threats across their organizations' email data networks, the company announced.

Here are the new tools available to IT admins:

  • Email Analyzer lets users and IT admins get information about the domain where an email originates and assess the safety of any links in the message.
  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) tool provides reports that highlight the stability, security and authorization status of domain names.
  • ThreatScan tool identifies potentially malicious messages that security email gateways (SEGs) and filters miss.
  • URL Defanger tool removes harmful URL code from suspicious email messages and "defangs" malicious links.
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Record Checker search engine displays the SPF record for a domain name and conducts diagnostic validation tests for that record to confirm it is properly maintained.

These tools are available without any fees, sign-ups or licensing costs or via a complimentary demo, Trustifi said.

“We’ve created these tools to help IT leaders do their jobs more easily, especially for organizations that may be relying solely on security offerings from broad, multi-purpose providers like Microsoft or Google," said Rom Hendler, CEO and founder of Trustifi. "We’ve made these capabilities accessible to the market for no fee, to prove that businesses can gain greater protection and intelligence from an AI-driven, born-in-the-cloud cybersecurity provider."

Trustifi Helps IT Admins Report on Email Threats

IT admins can use Trustifi's new tools to identify issues such as when and how a network user has been compromised by a phishing, business email compromise (BEC) or domain-spoofing attack, the company said. They also can generate analytics that they can use to figure out the best ways to mitigate threats.

In addition, the tools provide IT admins with insights into emails, Trustifi noted. In doing so, the tools help IT admins diagnose problems within messages, identify ongoing threats and verify the authorization of domain names.

Trustifi Unveils MSSP Dashboard

Previously, Trustifi in April 2023 announced a multi-tenant dashboard that lets MSSPs "apply, manage and oversee their Trustifi licenses easily across a multitude of clientele from a single interface," the company said.

MSSPs can use Trustifi's dashboard to manage customer plans and create custom data loss prevention (DLP) and inbound email filtering rules for multiple customers, the company stated. They also can ensure that their customers comply with regulatory authorities.

Trustifi offers products that protect users from inbound and outbound email attacks. MSSPs, MSPs and other technology providers can join Trustifi's partner program to integrate the company's email security products into their portfolios.

Dan Kobialka

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