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MSSP Trustwave Unveils Email Security Platform with Azure RMS Support

Trustwave, a Top 100 MSSP, has introduced the Secure Email Gateway (SEG) 8.2 email security, policy control and reporting platform. Organizations can use SEG 8.2 to keep pace with evolving email threats and comply with data security mandates, according to Trustwave.

SEG 8.2 is the first email security platform to support Microsoft Azure Rights Management (RMS), Trustwave said. It decrypts Azure RMS content, identifies malicious links within the content and removes these links accordingly.

Other SEG 8.2 features include:

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) Fraud Detection: Identifies low-volume, highly targeted spear-phishing attacks.
  • Cloud-Based Email Archiving: Provides a secure, non-delete archive of emails.
  • Policy Configuration: Enables email administrators to establish custom rules based on trigger points, content filters and other business requirements.
  • Threat Intelligence: Offers threat intelligence from Trustwave SpiderLabs ethical hackers, incident responders and security researchers.

SEG 8.2 is now available, and it can be deployed on-premises via software or virtual appliance or through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or private cloud model.

FireEye Upgrades Email Security – Server Edition

In addition to Trustwave's SEG 8.2 announcement, managed security and threat intelligence solutions provider FireEye recently integrated the following capabilities into the FireEye Email Security – Server Edition solution:

  • Attachment Detonation Customization (Guest Images): Allows administrators to use guest images to "fool" malware and stop it from executing.
  • Executive Impersonation Protection: Analyzes and cross-references email display names and headers and flags suspicious display names and headers.
  • Full URL Rewrite: Rewrites all email URLs to eliminate malicious links.
  • Passwords in Images: Enables end users to set up passwords embedded as images within emails.

FireEye also integrated the MalwareGuard machine learning engine into Email Security. MalwareGuard allows Email Security users to defend against cyber threats and classify malware without human involvement, FireEye said.

Global Email Security Market Projected to Grow

Trustwave, FireEye and other cybersecurity providers could reap the benefits of a global email security market that is expected to grow in the foreseeable future.

The global email security market's compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is projected to exceed 5 percent between 2018 and 2022, industry analyst Technavio indicated. Furthermore, the rising need to secure access to email accounts and detect, monitor and report on email-based cyber threats are among the factors that could speed up the global email security market's growth.

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