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Veeam Couples Data Platform with Sophos MDR

Organizations will soon be able to use the Veeam Data Platform in conjunction with the Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to detect cyber threats and recover from cyberattacks, according to the companies.

The Veeam Data Platform-Sophos MDR integration is expected to be available later in 2023, the companies noted.

How the Veeam-Sophos Integration Works

Together, Veeam and Sophos provide organizations with a layer of human-led threat detection and response to secure their backups against ransomware attackers, the companies said.

Organizations can utilize Veeam's Data Platform to monitor their environments and detect threats against their production workloads and backup environments, the company stated. If a threat is identified, Veeam alerts Sophos MDR. Then, the Sophos MDR security operations team determines if an attack is occurring and disrupts, contains and eliminates the threat.

Why Should Organizations Use the Veeam-Sophos Integration?

With Veeam's Data Platform and Sophos MDR, organizations can:

  • Leverage threat detection and prevention capabilities from Sophos with immutable backups and versioning provided by Veeam to ensure that their backup data remains secure and recoverable.
  • Get access to Sophos MDR security operations specialists who execute response actions to stop confirmed threats with an average response time of 38 minutes.
  • Detect internal and external threats and unauthorized or suspicious activity that could compromise backup data.
  • Utilize backup versioning, audit trails and immutable storage options to safeguard their backup data.
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA and other industry-specific regulations.
  • Satisfy cyber insurance requirements like having 24/7 threat monitoring, reducing the likelihood of a claim denial and helping organizations get better premiums than ever before.

Sophos Announces Incident Response Retainer

The Veeam integration news comes after Sophos in August 2023 started offering an incident response retainer through its partners. This retainer is a fixed-cost annual subscription that gives organizations access to incident response experts who defend against cyberattacks, the company said.

Sophos is a Top 40 MDR security company that has partnerships in place with Veeam and more cybersecurity and technology providers, along with Measured Analytics and Insurance, Cowbell and other cyber insurers. It offers a partner program and continues to explore opportunities to partner with MSSPs, MSPs and other channel vendors.