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Zero Trust Innovation: ThreatLocker Launches New Threat Detection Tool

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ThreatLocker, a specialist in endpoint protection technologies, has launched its ThreatLocker Ops community-driven threat detection tool, the company announced in a prepared statement.

This new product assists administrators to detect attempted breaches or weaknesses in their systems. As ThreatLocker CEO Danny Jenkins stated this week at Zero Trust World in Orlando, Florida:

“Zero Trust is the required foundation of security for all organizations. By combining controls with Ops, organizations are not only able to benefit from knowledge ThreatLocker has received from attempted attacks but from similar businesses defending their system from these attacks.”

Understanding Threat Behavior

ThreatLocker Ops is a policy-driven system that uses data from the ThreatLocker agent to determine good or bad behavior, the company explained. As such, this data can be used to alert IT administrators of attempted attacks or to trigger actions to further harden an environment using other components of the platform.

The Ops platform also integrates into ThreatLocker’s new community, which enables more information sharing and a more extensive set of alerts.

Commenting on the product release, Awecomm CEO Brent Yax said:

“I love when you can take the collective intelligence of an entire group and share it across a community. ThreatLocker Ops creates an environment that will encourage IT professionals to share knowledge and expertise from a threat mitigation standpoint and will act as an extra tool set for risk mitigation and risk response.”

ThreatLocker Adds Third Wall Zero Trust Platform

Danny Jenkins, CEO, ThreatLocker
Danny Jenkins, CEO, ThreatLocker

Following its acquisition of Third Wall in November 2022, ThreatLocker has integrated the Third Wall plug-in into its zero trust platform. The configurations manager for Windows consists of 58 lockdown policies and emergency actions to broaden the scope of ransomware prevention and ensure users are HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and GDPR compliant, ThreatLocker noted.

“The future of Zero Trust is simple: more controls, more automation, more alerts and the help and support of the community,” Jenkins said.

ThreatLocker Ops is available in early access and will go into general availability over the coming months.

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