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EventTracker, a Netsurion Company

EventTracker, a Netsurion company, empowers MSPs to successfully predict, prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats. The EventTracker SIEM platform has been recognized for 10+ years by Gartner on the Magic Quadrant. SIEMphonic Essentials is a managed SIEM service built on top of the EventTracker platform specifically designed for MSPs to deliver the results SMBs need in a practical and cost-effective model.

With SIEMphonic Essentials, IT service providers are able to efficiently support multiple customers with a single pane of glass, and to provide the most effective managed security to their customers without any additional overhead.

One-of-a-Kind MSP Partner Program

EventTracker makes cybersecurity practical for all organizations, but also for MSPs managing cybersecurity for many organizations at once. We are the only SIEM provider in our class that provides a highly scalable and flexible SIEM-as-a-Service on top of an enterprise SIEM platform that we also own. The result provides businesses and MSPs alike cybersecurity that is:

  • Efficient: A single platform delivering all critical capabilities including threat intelligence, ability to centralize log management, and cut through the big data noise to deliver actionable security intelligence organizations care about.
  • Affordable: Our solution does not require any hardware/appliance investment nor staffing of a SOC (Security Operations Center) and provides flexible, predictable subscription-based pricing that work well with the cash flow of the MSP or business.
  • Effective: Bottom-line, compliance management is made simpler and more threats and caught and remediated faster with EventTracker’s SIEMphonic offering that combines the enterprise SIEM platform, EventTracker Security Center, with a 24/7 intelligence-driven SOC that continually analyzes and correlates events provides alerts and response recommendations along with regularly-occurring security reviews.

Accelerate Revenue Growth with EventTracker

  • Differentiate your business and expand your portfolio with award-winning products and services that ensure the network security and performance of your small to mid-sized customers.
  • Solve the common problem of patchwork cybersecurity solutions that result in inefficient operations, unpredictable costs, and vulnerable security gaps by deploying a unified SIEM platform backed by a 24/7 SOC and multi-tenant management.
  • Flexible to meet your existing portfolio and pricing structures. We realize that your customers look to you as a trusted advisor and that relationship is critical to your success. Through our partner program, we help you effectively and affordably defend your customers from security threats and streamline their process to meet multiple regulatory compliance requirements.

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