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NetEnrich is a technology enabled IT operations and infrastructure services provider. NetEnrich provides services and solutions for IT Ops, Cloud, Datacenters and Security.

We’ve industrialized the services you need to better serve your clients. Your costs get cut dramatically. Your profit margins are enhanced.  You immediately expand the breadth of services you can deliver to your clients.  Your ability to scale is optimized.

NetEnrich partners with MSSPs, CSPs, MSPs, VARs, and distributors across the globe to enable them to rapidly scale business and increase recurring revenues.

NetEnrich, headquartered in San Jose, California, has global IT distribution, hundreds of partners, thousands of end-clients, and over 500 employees with competencies in various advanced technologies and processes, at locations around the world. For more, visit

Product/Service Information:

NetEnrich’s comprehensive security services and solutions enable you to be a one-stop security solution provider for your clients with no upfront costs related to the deployment of either tools or trained personnel.

NetEnrich’s security lifecycle management from assessment to remediation is tool agnostic and based on a proprietary NETSOS Automation Framework. We deliver a blend of both real-time monitoring and risk management, including analysis and remediation. NetEnrich provides:

  • Managed Security for Datacenter, Network and On-premise
    • Problem Remediation – Lifecycle management services that align SOC & problem management to cover end-to-end security and compliance remediation in real time
    • Best-Practices Implementation – Well-defined, un-biased, and consensus-based
    • Surveillance for Compliance – 24×7 monitoring to detect vulnerabilities, network connectivity, compliance and prioritize remediation
    • Threat Intelligence – NETSOS automation framework to evaluate threat information against internal vulnerability assessments and prioritize security controls
    • Insider Threat Protection – NETSOS automation framework to provide a comprehensive view of insider threats and full-fledged surveillance on east to west traffic
    • Automation – NETSOS automation framework to make outputs more actionable
  • Cloud Security Services for Azure & AWS
    • Pre-migration assessments
    • Identity and access management
    • Security audits
    • Enterprise Mobility Suite management
    • SIEM monitoring
    • Vulnerability assessments
    • Mobile APP secure code review
    • Office 365 integration and rights management
  • Security Assessments
    • Public Discovery: Identify vulnerabilities with publicly accessible assets.
    • Cyber-Attack Readiness: Determine recommendations against cyber-attacks.
    • Vulnerability Assessment: See a snapshot of all the infrastructure vulnerabilities, with remediation guidelines.
    • Web Malware Detection: See a snapshot of all malware on a web-application, with remediation guidelines.
    • Basic Penetration Testing: Discover the vulnerabilities that can be exploited and steps to mitigate them.
    • Web-Application Scanning: See a snapshot of all vulnerabilities on a web-application, with remediation guidelines.
    • PCI-DSS ASV Scan: Validate adherence to PCI-DSS requirements with an external vulnerability scan.
    • Policy Compliance: Understand security configuration assessments on IT systems throughout the network.
    • Cyber-Forensics Services: Detect cyber-crimes or security breaches or digital frauds along with evidence for the same.
    • Black Box Pen Testing: Simulate an external hacking or cyber-warfare for defense scenarios.

Along with our security offerings, NetEnrich also provides comprehensive solutions in:

  • IT Operations
  • Cloud
  • Network/Datacenter

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