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BlackBerry Cylance Unveils SafeBreach Attack Simulation Integration

BlackBerry Cylance integrates SafeBreach data breach & attack simulation capabilities to help organizations identify, analyze & address security gaps.

BlackBerry Cylance Extends Endpoint Security to Cars

BlackBerry Cylance & Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership extends cybersecurity to connected cars. MSSPs must track emerging IoT security opportunity.

The Hartford Insurance Partners with BlackBerry Cylance, Terbium Labs

Insurer The Hartford adds BlackBerry Cylance CylancePROTECT endpoint security & Terbium Labs digital risk detection capabilities to its cybersecurity portal.

BlackBerry CEO Reveals Cylance MDR, MTD Roadmap Clues

BlackBerry Cylance prepares multiple MDR & mobile threat defense (MTD) cybersecurity moves, BlackBerry CEO John Chen reveals.

BlackBerry Cylance, Chronicle Backstory: Cloud Security Analytics Integration Arrives

BlackBerry Cylance integrates Chronicle Backstory security analytics from Google Cloud into its endpoint protection & threat detection, prevention & response solutions.

BlackBerry Cylance Business Performance: A Closer Look

BlackBerry Cylance shows cybersecurity momentum. Sees managed detection & response (MDR) potential. But BlackBerry faces business challenges as former Cylance CEO exits.

BlackBerry Introduces Cloud-Based Intelligent Security Solution

BlackBerry Intelligent Security, leveraging some Cylance technologies, is a cloud-based solution that uses AI to provide mobile endpoint protection in zero-trust environments.

BlackBerry Cylance Addresses Security Issue

BlackBerry Cylance outlines protective measures to safeguard partners & customers from a CylanceProtect bypass disclosed by researchers on July 18.

BlackBerry Launches CylanceGUARD MDR Solution

BlackBerry announces CylanceGUARD, a managed detection & response (MDR) solution that provides continuous cyber threat hunting & monitoring capabilities.

CylanceGUARD: The Comprehensive Security Solution from BlackBerry Cylance

CylanceGUARD security solution delivers continuous threat prevention & response automation powered by BlackBerry Cylance’s artificial intelligence platform.