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Ransomware Attacks Vaccine Management Software Specialist; COVID-19 Trials Unaffected

Ransomware attacks eResearch Technology, whose software is being used to manage clinical trials of potential coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, a report says.

Microsoft: COVID-19 Accelerated Digital Transformation of Cybersecurity

How have security budgets and spending evolved during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? Microsoft survey results reveal cybersecurity priorities.

DOJ Accuses Hackers of Stealing COVID-19 Research for Chinese Spy Services

U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) charges two Chinese nationals with conducting a decade-long hacking campaign to steal intellectual property.

COVID-19 Hampers Cybersecurity Defenses, VMware Carbon Black Study Says

Cyber attack volumes have spiked in the last 12 months. COVID-19 pandemic further complicates matters, VMware Carbon Black cybersecurity research reveals.

Russian Hackers Seek to Heist COVID-19 Vaccine Research, Western Nations Claim

Three Western governments accuse Russian cyber operatives of attempting to steal coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine research. Russia denies hacking allegations.

Banking Phishing Campaign Tricks Victims with COVID-19, Family Leave Ruse

Phishing attacks attempting to capitalize on coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continue. IcedID banking malware involved, Juniper Networks researchers report.

FBI Records 20K COVID-19-related Cyber Threats in 2020

Roughly 20,000 coronavirus (COVID-19)-related cybersecurity threats have been reported to the FBI as of early June 2020. Here are the associated cybersecurity risks.

Hackers Lure Targets with COVID-19 Spoofs, Bogus Google Gmail Accounts

“Hacker-for-hire” cyber crews are capitalizing on the coronavirus (COVID-19) by using bogus gmail accounts to trick business leaders in key industries to hand over their Google account credentials.

IT Cybersecurity Could Face Budget Cuts in COVID-19 Economic Downturn

IT cybersecurity teams should brace for upcoming budget cuts amid economic jolt from coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, report says.

New York Dept. of Financial Services: COVID-19 Cybersecurity Reminders

New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) reinforces cybersecurity guidance amid COVID-19 pandemic.