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The Hartford Insurance Partners with BlackBerry Cylance, Terbium Labs

Insurer The Hartford adds BlackBerry Cylance CylancePROTECT endpoint security & Terbium Labs digital risk detection capabilities to its cybersecurity portal.

BlackBerry CEO Reveals Cylance MDR, MTD Roadmap Clues

BlackBerry Cylance prepares multiple MDR & mobile threat defense (MTD) cybersecurity moves, BlackBerry CEO John Chen reveals.

ALTR Hires Cylance Veteran Brian Stoner for Data Security Partner Push

ALTR VP of Channels and Alliances Brian Stoner, a Cylance and FireEye veteran, describes data security partner opportunity for MSSPs, MSPs and more.

BlackBerry Cylance, Chronicle Backstory: Cloud Security Analytics Integration Arrives

BlackBerry Cylance integrates Chronicle Backstory security analytics from Google Cloud into its endpoint protection & threat detection, prevention & response solutions.

BlackBerry Cylance Business Performance: A Closer Look

BlackBerry Cylance shows cybersecurity momentum. Sees managed detection & response (MDR) potential. But BlackBerry faces business challenges as former Cylance CEO exits.

BlackBerry Cylance Addresses Security Issue

BlackBerry Cylance outlines protective measures to safeguard partners & customers from a CylanceProtect bypass disclosed by researchers on July 18.

BlackBerry Launches CylanceGUARD MDR Solution

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BlackBerry announces CylanceGUARD, a managed detection & response (MDR) solution that provides continuous cyber threat hunting & monitoring capabilities.

CylanceGUARD: The Comprehensive Security Solution from BlackBerry Cylance

CylanceGUARD security solution delivers continuous threat prevention & response automation powered by BlackBerry Cylance’s artificial intelligence platform.

BlackBerry CEO on Cylance vs CrowdStrike; Channel Partner Strategy

BlackBerry CEO John Chen compares Cylance vs CrowdStrike in terms of valuation. Vows key cybersecurity product launches & continued SMB channel partner push.

White Paper: BlackBerry Cylance vs. Traditional Security Approaches

How BlackBerry Cylance uses real-time artificial intelligence & machine learning (ML) threat analysis to deliver endpoint cybersecurity for organizations, governments, and end-users worldwide.