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Alleged Twitter Hacker Arrested for Spear Phishing Attack: Breach Investigation Updates

Twitter hacking & spear phishing incident 2020: Alleged hacker arrested. How the social media platform & FBI are investigating Twitter breach, which raised economic, political & national security concerns.

Mimecast Acquires Email Security, Anti-Phishing Provider MessageControl

Email & data security company Mimecast ($MIME) acquires MessageControl, a phishing mitigation security provider for Microsoft 365 & MSP partners.

Cyberfish Delivers Real-Time In-Attachment Phishing Detection

Cyberfish adds a real-time in-attachment phishing detection module to its cybersecurity solution for MSSPs, MSPs and small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Banking Phishing Campaign Tricks Victims with COVID-19, Family Leave Ruse

Phishing attacks attempting to capitalize on coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continue. IcedID banking malware involved, Juniper Networks researchers report.

LinkedIn Spear Phishing Attacks Target European Aerospace, Military Companies

European Aerospace & military companies are the prime targets of hackers using Microsoft-owned social media platform LinkedIn, ESET research says.

Hacker Targeted U.S. Utilities in Two Mirrored Phishing Campaigns

A remote access trojan (RAT), called FlowCloud, targeted utilities for five months beginning in 2019, Proofpoint research asserts.

Global Email Phishing Attacks Allegedly Tied to India Services Provider

India-based IT security services provider BellTroX Info Tech allegedly launched email phishing attacks against private equity firm KKR, short seller Muddy Waters & more.

INKY Email Phishing Protection Raises $20M Funding; Insight Partners Jumps In

INKY Technology, an email phishing protection provider, has raised $20 million in Series B funding led by VC and private equity firm Insight Partners.

Iranian Hackers Suspected in WHO Spear-phishing Campaign

Iran-backed nation-state hackers recently tried to hijack the personal email accounts of a number of World Health Organization (WHO) staffers, reports allege.

Coronavirus Email Phishing Attacks Skyrocket, Barracuda Research Finds

Coronavirus-related email phishing attacks have spiked 667 percent since March 1, Barracuda research reports.