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Office 365 Phishing Attacks Target Microsoft’s Cloud Application Platform

Many cybercriminals and phishing attacks use hexadecimal escape characters to bypass Microsoft Office 365 security, according to Avanan.

Microsoft Fixes Office 365 User Data Leak Across Admin Portals

Microsoft fixes Office 365 data leak involving user names & email addresses across cloud service’s multi-tenant admin system in the United States & EMEA.

Brute Force Cyberattacks Target Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Customers

Nearly 50 Microsoft Office 365 customers have survived brute force hacker attacks this year, Skyhigh Networks, a cloud access security broker (CACB), says.

Microsoft Office 365 Cybersecurity Tools: Gartner’s Advice

Proper Office 365 security potentially requires third-party software and various cloud management tools. Here’s Gartner’s advice on Office 365 security.

Microsoft Sentinel, MISA Gain MSSP and ISV Critical Mass

The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), led by Maria Thomson, continues to attract more MSSP & security software members.

Microsoft MSSP Association Expands; Difenda Joins MISA

Difenda, a SecOps as a Service MSSP, joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) for MSSPs & security software partners.

Iranian Hackers Target Defense Technology Companies, Microsoft Alleges

Password spraying campaigns target Microsoft Office 365 tenants then compromise U.S., European Union & Israeli defense companies, Microsoft reports.

MSSP Acquired: PwC Buys Microsoft Identity Security Provider Avaleris

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Canada acquires Avaleris, an MSSP that offers Microsoft identity, security and cloud services.

Microsoft Exchange Server ProxyShell Attacks: MSSPs and MSPs Must Patch Vulnerabilities

MSSPs & MSPs: Apply these patches to mitigate three Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities that hackers continue to exploit, CISA warns.

Microsoft MISA Organization Expands MSSP, Cybersecurity Software Relationships

Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) now spans 67 MSSP members that support 165 managed security services offers, Microsoft says.