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Zoho Releases MSP Security Patch for ManageEngine Desktop Central

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tells MSPs to patch Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central security vulnerability Here’s the fix.

What Is the ‘Fujiwhara Effect’ of Vulnerability Patching?

The “Fujiwhara” effect will complicate patch management in 2020, as Microsoft, Oracle & other software vendors will simultaneously release vulnerability patches on these dates.

Fal.Con UNITE 2019: CrowdStrike Unveils Firewall Management Module

CrowdStrike unveils a Firewall Management module for its Falcon endpoint protection platform at its Fal.Con UNITE user conference in San Diego, California.

Microsoft Tells Partners: Patch Windows Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Microsoft urges MSSPs & MSPs to patch Remote Code Execution vulnerability called CVE-2019-0708. Unpatched customers risk suffering a WannaCry-type attack.

Memo to U.S. Federal Agencies: Patch Critical Vulnerabilities Faster

A new U.S. Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity directive requires government agencies to patch “critical” vulnerabilities in 15 calendar days.

SentinelOne, Automox Partner for Automated Vulnerability Patching

SentinelOne’s endpoint protection security platform gains integrated Automox patch management for automated vulnerability management.

Cyber Risk Management: A Disconnect Between Business and Security

Business leaders want actuarial tables & timely metrics to adjust risk management strategies in real time. Alas, most CISOs & chief risk officers don’t have the processes or metrics to satisfy those needs.

MSSP RedLegg Launches Watchtower Cybersecurity Case Management Platform

Managed security services provider (MSSP) RedLegg unveils Watchtower, a case management platform for security information & event management (SIEM) deployments.

Verismic Cloud Management Suite Gains Real-Time Security Capabilities

IT management tech firm Verismic unveils Cloud Management Suite Realtime Security to provide security teams with control over their organizations’ endpoints.

Study: Endpoint Management Low Priority for IT Pros Despite Security Risks

LogMeIn research results reveal latest endpoint security challenges for IT professionals. Can MSSPs fill the gaps and mitigate the risks?