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DHS Bug Bounty Program: Vulnerability Management Opportunity for MSSPs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bug bounty program may provide vulnerability management & patch management opportunities to MSSPs.

Vulnerability Management and U.S. Government MSSPs: DHS Directive Explained

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The Department of Homeland Security‚Äôs (DHS) orders federal agencies to fix known hardware & software vulnerabilities. Here’s where MSSP patch management services fit in.

Ivanti Acquires Vulnerability Management Software Company RiskSense

IT asset & service management software solutions provider Ivanti acquires RiskSense for vulnerability management & prioritization software.

Cisco Acquires Kenna Security; MSPs and MSSPs Gain Vulnerability Management

Cisco Systems acquires Kenna Security, which offers SaaS-based vulnerability management subscription services to MSPs & MSSPs.

Pulse Secure Vulnerabilities and Patches: VPN Cyberattack Timeline and Hacking Incident Details

Pulse Secure VPN appliance vulnerabilities, patches, mitigations & associated cyberattacks. Updates involving Ivanti, FireEye, Mandiant & more.

IBM Patches QRadar SIEM Security Vulnerability

IBM patches CVE-2020-4786, a Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability in its QRadar security information & event management (SIEM) platform.

Sonicwall Zero Day Attack: SMA 100 Series Patch Arrives

SonicWall breach, Zero Day attack & SMA 100 vulnerability patch: SonicWall tells partners & customers to apply the patch immediately.

Risk Management Platform Provider Intraprise Health Acquires HIPAA One

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Risk management platform provider Intraprise Health acquires HIPAA compliance automation & security software company HIPAA One.

Vulnerability Management: Industrial Defender, FoxGuard Solutions Partner

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OT security providers Industrial Defender & FoxGuard Solutions release a joint vulnerability management solution for industrial control systems (ICS).

Identity Management Acquisition: GI Partners Buys Sectigo

GI Partners acquiring digital identity solutions provider Sectigo from private equity firm Francisco Partners. Here’s what MSSP & MSP partners need to know.