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Selling Your MSSP: Valuation Trends You Should Know

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Has anyone ever approached you to inquire about acquiring your company? Whether you are a managed service provider (MSP) or managed security service provider (MSSP), there are organizations that are targeting companies like yours as potential acquisitions.

How do you know if you are getting offered a fair price? What are the factors that go into getting top dollar for your business? How is today’s market impacting valuations?

If you are looking for the inside track on what your business is worth so you can be ready to have this conversation, you won’t want to miss Abraham Garver’s closing keynote session at MSSP Alert Live on October 11 in Washington, D.C. Register here for the event.

Garver is the MSP M&A specialist at FOCUS Investment Banking, a firm that advises MSPs and MSSPs as well as private equity firms on potential transactions. That’s given him an unparalleled view into deals, the market for M&A, and what trends are coming. Garver has been matching buyers and sellers since the MSP M&A market frenzy began. He has advised on some of the most significant deals in the market and can provide insights, advice, and knowledge not available anywhere else.

It’s not a secret that the MSP and MSSP markets have been super-hot over the last few years. Garver provides a perspective into how interest rate hikes and inflation have impacted the M&A frenzy in managed services. Will your company be as valuable today as it was yesterday when it was easier to get financial leverage for deals? Will it be more valuable tomorrow?

Garver also provides perspective into actions MSPs and MSSPs can take to increase their business’s valuations. Sure, there are the obvious ones such as increasing sales and increasing EBITDA. But there are other actions that you can take to increase your valuation without adding a single customer or cutting any costs.

Improving Your Business: More Sessions for MSPs and MSSPs

MSSP Alert Live will feature additional sessions that are focused on improving your business’s sales, operations, and service offerings. Here are a few of the sessions you will want to attend:

How to Grow Your MSP/MSSP from $1 Million to $2 Million. Ted Roller, channel veteran, former MSP, and current CEO of GetChanneled, presents this session about how to double your annual recurring revenues. Roller’s cut-to-the-chase presentation content and style will leave attendees with practical tips on growing their businesses today.

Drive It Like You Stole It: How to Sell Your Company for Maximum Value. Former Microsoft MSP turned business consultant Linda Rose has created a curriculum for those looking to sell their businesses, and in this session at MSSP Alert Live, you’ll get information about what buyers are looking for and what KPIs you should focus on as you prep for a sale.

Make More, Spend Less: The Business Case for MSSP Specialization in Vertical Markets. Mike Saylor, CEO of MSSP BlackSwan Cybersecurity, provides an overview of the why and how of vertical market specialization. Vertical market specializations can make your company stand out to customers. They can also make every aspect of your business more streamlined and efficient. Specializations can help operations, sales, technology and other functions inside your MSSP and MSP. Learn why and how in this session.

How to Create, Package and Price vCISO Services. Jesse Miller, CEO of PowerPSA, will teach you what you need to know to get into this important market in cybersecurity services. A recent survey showed that the majority of MSSPs and MSPs plan to offer vCISO services in the next six months. Don’t get left behind. Learn about how you can provide your customers with the services they need in this session.

Register for the whole event here.

Jessica C. Davis

Jessica C. Davis is editorial director of CyberRisk Alliance’s channel brands, MSSP Alert, MSSP Alert Live, and ChannelE2E. She has spent a career as a journalist and editor covering the intersection of business and technology including chips, software, the cloud, AI, and cybersecurity. She previously served as editor in chief of Channel Insider and later of MSP Mentor where she was one of the original editors running the MSP 501.