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About PlexTrac

PlexTrac’s premier pentest reporting and collaboration platform drives more efficient and effective pentesting activities by automating pentest planning, reporting, collaboration, and findings delivery. With PlexTrac, service providers can boost margins, scale revenue with new differentiated threat and risk-based offers, and enhance client outcomes. Customers report a “60 percent reduction in the amount of time our practitioners spend writing reports” and a “30 percent increase in efficiency.” PlexTrac is on a mission to empower cybersecurity service providers to deliver more value to clients from their proactive security services.

Key Benefits of PlexTrac for the MSSP

  • Slash reporting time to boost service margins without adding resources
    • PlexTrac reduces the reporting cycle up to 70 percent.
  • Simplify planning and reporting to maximize ROI on resource investment
    • PlexTrac automates the pentest workflow for up to 5X ROI.
  • Increase efficiency to scale service delivery of new and existing offerings
    • PlexTrac improves engagement efficiency by 30 percent.

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PlexTrac Partner Program

MSSPs enjoy flexible licensing and premium customer support through PlexTrac’s Partner Program.


Scale-as-You-Go Model
Our scale-as-you-go, per engagement licensing model allows you to spread your costs throughout the year. You only pay for the number of engagements you expect to perform annually. The more engagements you commit to, the lower your per engagement price. This model is perfect both for small to mid-size businesses in the growth stage as well as for large enterprise organizations.


Dedicated Account Managers
Each MSSP partner will be assigned a dedicated account executive — with MSSP industry expertise — whose job is to ensure PlexTrac enhances your business. Additionally, an experienced implementation specialist will guide you through the set up process so that you can start enjoying the benefits of PlexTrac right away.

Customer Success Team
Every partner will gain access to our skilled Customer Success Team for the life of their contract agreement. In addition to tech support, the Team will help create custom report templates that match your exact specifications and brand them with your logo and colors. Customer Success Team support, combined with our open API, creates endless possibilities for customization to your needs.


Cybersecurity Mission: Possible with PlexTrac


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