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ConnectWise Report: SMBs Want the “Right” Cybersecurity Solutions from MSPs

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It is "fairly common" for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to partner with MSPs for cybersecurity, and this trend appears likely to continue in the foreseeable future, according to the "2022 State of SMB Cybersecurity" report from ConnectWise.

However, many SMBs are not satisfied with the service that they receive from their current MSPs. As such, they are increasingly looking for MSPs that offer the "right" cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity Solutions: What's Important?

In ConnectWise's report, SMBs indicated the following were important when deciding if an MSP has the "right" cybersecurity solutions:

  • Confidence in an MSP's ability to respond to security incidents (54%)
  • Capability/certifications of MSP resources/technicians (47%)
  • Trust in an MSP's ability to deliver the desired results (46%)
  • Confidence in an MSP's ability to minimize damage/loss (44%)
  • Brand name recognition of an MSP's offerings (37%)

Ninety-four percent of SMBs said they would consider using or moving to a new MSP if they offered the "right" cybersecurity solution, ConnectWise's report revealed. In addition, 42% indicated that even though they are currently working with an MSP, they plan to change to a different one in the near future.

MSPs Can Become MSSPs to Deliver the "Right" Cybersecurity Solutions

The ConnectWise report revealed SMBs see the following as important when speaking to an MSP about cybersecurity:

  • Recognizing the roles that technology, people and processes have to play in cybersecurity
  • Being solution-oriented (i.e. finding solutions to security issues rather than solely finding the problems themselves)
  • Offering services and solutions relating to specific parts of an SMB's business
  • Empathizing with those within the SMB as people

To partner with SMBs, MSPs must simultaneously help these businesses improve their cybersecurity defenses and provide services and solutions that instill confidence, ConnectWise noted. In doing so, they can help SMBs get the most value out of their cybersecurity investments. Plus, they can become MSSPs that provide SMBs with cybersecurity solutions tailored to their operations.

Dan Kobialka

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