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How Many Companies Suffer Ransomware Attacks And Pay the Ransom?

Ransomware attacks 20% of companies. Plus, 10% of victims pay the ransom demand, HornetSecurity survey & ransomware research results reveal.

Ransomware is the Tip of the Iceberg—Can Open XDR / XDR avoid you becoming the Titanic?

Here’s how Open XDR can mitigate ransomware risks for MSSPs and their end-customers.

OFAC Ransomware Guidance: Prepare, Report, and (Preferably) Don’t Pay the Ransom!

New ransomware guidance from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC): What it all means.

Alleged Hackers Purportedly Linked to Ransomware Cyberattacks Arrested

Arrested: Two alleged members of ransomware crew suspected of extorting millions of dollars from over 100 large companies in the U.S. & Europe.

Qualys Ransomware Risk Assessment Tool: Free for Limited Time

Free Qualys Ransomware Risk Assessment Service offer discovers vulnerabilities, and links to automated patch management services.

EDR Security Strategies vs. Ransomware Attacks

Video interview: Where does EDR (endpoint detection and response) fit in an overall strategy vs ransomware? Fortinet VP Jonathan Nguyen-Duy explains.

Akamai Acquires Guardicore; MSSPs Gain Ransomware Mitigation Software

MSSPs that work with Akamai will gain Guardicore micro-segmentation software to block ransomware attacks & boost MDR security services.

Fortinet Report: Ransomware Attacks Up 1,070% Year Over Year

Ransomware-as-a-service and extortion payment demands are rising, Fortinet ransomware attack research statistics show. Here’s how MSSPs can mitigate such attacks.

DDoS Attacks, Ransomware Target VoIP Service Providers

DDoS attacks hit multiple VoIP service providers — including Bandwidth,, Voip unlimited & Voipfone. Here’s how MSSPs can mitigate DDoS attacks.

New Cooperative Ransomware Attack Timeline: Status Updates

BlackMatter ransomware attack vs. New Cooperative: Timeline & status updates involving agriculture supply chain cyberattack & malware incident.