"AIG" Posts

Cyber Insurance Underwriters Launch Risk Mitigation Company

AIG, Travelers & other cyber insurance firms launch CyberAcuView, which compiles & analyzes data to help organizations get the most value out of their cyber insurance.

AIG Statement on Cyber Insurance Coverage Strategy

American International Group (AIG) will cover cyber exposures across nearly all of its commercial property & casualty insurance policies starting in January 2020.

Cyber Insurance Trends: Coverage Gaps Plague Businesses, US Cities

Cyber insurance adoption continues to grow. Yet businesses, government organizations & U.S. cities sometimes lack coverage to protect against cyberattacks & data breaches, research suggests.

QBE North America Adds Breach Planning Services for All Cyber Policies

Cyber insurance provider QBE North America adds data breach planning services for all of its policies & provides end-to-end risk management.

Cyber Insurance: AIG, CompTIA & APSHA Reveal Milestones

AIG will add cyber insurance to certain plans next year. Also, healthcare organizations increasingly embrace cyber insurance, CompTIA-APSHA research says.