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Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 02 November 2018

Today’s MSSP & cybersecurity news involves AppRiver, BitSight, Chubb, Cisco Systems, Comodo CA, Fortinet, Netwrix, Sectigo, Symantec and more.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 25 October 2018

Today’s MSSP news involves AppRiver Office 365 security audits; Arctic Wolf Networks funding; Carbon Black; CI Security; CrowdStrike; CyberX; Exabeam vs Splunk; Interset; NTT; Securonix; Team8 & more.

How Secure Is Office 365? (Hint: It Could Be Better)

Office 365 includes native security functions that protect data in several ways. But the SaaS productivity suite lacks layered security protection that businesses need. AppRiver explains how MSPs & MSSPs can fill that gap.

Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment: Impersonation Attacks Up 80%

Impersonation attacks increase & organizations struggle to identify & address email security threats, research from data protection provider Mimecast indicates.

Opening Emails Has Never Been So Scary

Spear phishing attacks trick their specific, targeted victims into sharing private data and credentials. AppRiver offers these 4 steps to protect customers from spear phishing threats.

Stop Hackers From Ruining Your Retirement

How often are you checking your retirement funds — and the security settings for those accounts? AppRiver offers this guidance.

5 Ideas for MSPs to Get Noticed (and Get More Business) for Free

MSPs don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to start making a fortune. Here are five ideas to get noticed and bring customers to your managed services doorstep, according to AppRiver.

Phishing Attacks Are on the Rise; Don’t be a target

How to blend employee training and security network protection to head off phishing attacks. AppRiver explains key considerations for partners and customers/

Good vs Evil: Telltale Signs to Determine If That Email is Evil

There are many clues that can help you decipher if an email is valid or a phishing message that’s ready to unleash a malicious attack. AppRiver offers this guidance.

Tax Season: Beware Email-based Malware Scams

Tax season sets the stage for malware campaigns like Adwind RAT. AppRiver shares security guidance to help MSPs and MSSPs safeguard certified public accountant (CPA) firms.