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Arctic Wolf Spots the Offenders

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Phishing, historic compromise and social engineering cause most cybersecurity incidents, human error surprisingly not, Arctic Wolf learned.

How Security Operations Solutions Bring Value to Managed Service Providers

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Partnering with a security operations provider lets MSPs deliver advanced cyber protection to their customers, Arctic Wolf advises.

Arctic Wolf Launches Incident Response Solution

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Arctic Wolf’s Incident Response (IR) JumpStart Retainer solution helps organizations plan for and respond to cyber incidents.

The Business of Cybercrime and What it Means for MSPs

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Arctic Wolf examines the professional world of cybercrime and how managed service providers (MSPs) can defend their clients against it.

How Can Managed Service Providers Guide Customers to Better Compliance?

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As SMBs struggle to keep up with compliance requirements and regulations, they are increasingly turning to manage security providers (MSPs).

How Can Managed Service Providers Combat Alert Fatigue?

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An ideal MDR (managed detection and response) security service has these six core capabilities to help MSPs reduce alert fatigue, Arctic Wolf explains.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Market News: 15 November 2022

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Today’s MSSP market news involves Arctic Wolf-Eide Bailly SOC partnership; Bishop Fox offensive security funding; MSP360; ShiftLeft DevSecOps & more.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Market News: 31 October 2022

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Today’s MSSP market news involves Adaptiva, Andrew Morgan, Apple Security Research, Arctic Wolf, Code42, ConnectWise, CyberRes, Dell, Eye Security, ForceNet, GoSecure, IBM, InterVision, Kroll, Lacework, Microsoft, Open Systems, Persistent Systems, SentinelOne, SkyKick, Sonatype & more.

10 Most Read MSSP Alert News Stories: Week Ended 07 October 2022

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This week’s 10 most read MSSP Alert news stories involved Arctic Wolf debt financing, BlackBerry, Cyware, D3 Security, OpenText, Trellix XDR & more.

Arctic Wolf Pivots From IPO Talk to $401 Million Convertible Note Offering

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Arctic Wolf secures $401M in funding. Security operations software provider essentially waits for IPO (initial public offering) windows to re-open amid continued Wall Street turbulence.