"China" Posts

Chinese Connected Cyber Crew Unleashes Disinformation Campaign Ahead of U.S. Elections

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Mandiant is confident hackers are attempting to create conflict between the U.S. and allies for the benefit of China’s state-backed operatives.

Chinese Spies Indicted for Coercing Nationals Living in U.S. to Return as Agents of the PRC

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Federal charges stem from an effort across the Chinese government to dominate entire tech sectors and put U.S. competitors out of business.

FBI, CISA, HHS Warn Healthcare Facilities of Targeted Cyberattacks

Daixin cybercrime gang execute ransomware attacks at multiple healthcare organizations; learn how to protect your sensitive data.

Feds, Private Industry Talk Sharing Emerging Technologies Info and Cyber Intelligence

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The United States is in a race with foreign adversaries, particularly China, to develop quantum computing.

CISA Warning: China-Led Cyberattacks Target Network Service Providers

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China cyber actors are exploiting publicly known security vulnerabilities to attack global organizations, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA) notes.

FBI, CISA Allege China Conducts Coronavirus Espionage

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI accuse Chin conducts espionage campaign to steal intellectual property from U.S. coronavirus researchers.